Is HTC Preparing Siri-Like Voice Controlled App of Their Own? [Image]


HTC has been busy today, teasing an image of a “top secret” dog translation app, poking fun at voice controlled applications like Siri and S Voice. In the image, you can see an everyday,  natural voice controlled dialog between a dog and the application. There’s a disclaimer at the bottom of the image stating that this, of course, isn’t real — for “dog fans” — leaving the door wide open for humans.

We can’t be sure, but it’d make sense that HTC would want to get in on the Siri phenomenon sweeping handset manufacturers as of late. Let’s hope this has more to do with Google’s upcoming Project Majel, and less to do with a repackaged Vlingo. Oh, and get Samuel L. Jackson on board to have the world going nuts.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Google needs to hurry up and release project Majel!!! Can’t wait.

  2. Why? Siri and S-voice both suck. Just let Google handle their Majel that will be coming out.

    1. Maybe it IS google assistant, and HTC One X is the first one to get it! :-D

  3. Hope htc does something like this

  4. Another reason to have update lag even longer. Samsung, LG and now HTC decides to build their own voice control. Is Moto next or will they wait for Majel.

    1. Moto is owned by Google now Majel would make sense.

      1. huh?

  5. This is a complete waste, same with Samsung’s S-voice.

    Google should be leading this effort and it should be integrated into Jelly Bean so that ALL phones can have it (or at least after the year it takes them to get updates).

    1. All well and good – except Google isn’t shipping Majel NOW, and Apple IS shipping Siri. Like it or not, people want voice control, and if Google can’t deliver an all-in-one package yet then the OEMs are forced to put together something themselves so they can compete.

  6. Hahaha it would make ‘sense’! Hahahahaha

  7. The only use I can see for these apps are while driving… other than that they’re pretty useless

    1. I’d probably love to use a decent one while working, too. When sufficiently accurate and intelligent enough, voice is the next interface

  8. Screw Samuel L Jackson, get Morgan Freeman to be the voice of Assistant!

  9. Aren’t LG planning the world’s first truly intelligent phone? What happened to that, and is Jelly Bean’s Majel assistant going to be in anyway incorporated with this self aware phone? Truly the definition of smartphone. Or is LG Voice just the precursor?

  10. Samuel L jackson for a Voice assistant would be awesome.. English MotherF**Kr do you speak it? when it doesn’t understand you lol

    1. If you ask it what?? it replies ” What?! what aint no country i ever heard of, they speak english in what?! lmao this post had me crackin up!

  11. For now…download Alice…:)

  12. idk about you guys but I really cannot see the point in Siri or S-Voice, at least for now,…
    Just to show other guys you have Voice Commands? Many times it’s easier and faster to check the informations with the touchscreen…

    Also, it’s not soooooooo accurate… how many times do you use it? Google Voice for typing is ok but Siri and S-Voice.. idk

  13. and NOBODY in here got that this was a JOKE from HTC? it was part of the “pet week”, Personally: I think that htc waits for Majel since why invent the wheel a second time?

    1. HTC ‘reinvent the wheel’ with almost every part of android. They make their own launcher, own browser, own music app, own messaging app, own camera app, own movie store, own e-reader, own mail app, own maps app, own calendar… Do I really need to go on?

  14. Am I the only one that feels a bit daft talking to a phone. I had a I phone 4s until I came to my senses and got back with Android (experia s on ics – nice), and I can honestly say that I tried siri (which doesn’t work good in england),but would not pull my phone out in public and ask if I have any appointments….

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