HTC Pulls Out of Brazil – Cancels Launch of One Series, Layoffs Expected


We’ve heard talk from HTC that as part of a refocusing effort, they’ll no longer be producing budget phones (entirely depends on your definition of low-end). Now we’re getting word that HTC is doing a little more re-prioritizing in the company, making the executive decision to pull out of the Brazilian market entirely. All this after the company analyzed sales numbers and found that although smartphone sales have been dramatically rising in the region, HTC has been continually losing market share to other manufacturers selling only only a meager .11% of handsets in Brazil.

This axes plans for an HTC One series launch in Brazil, and you can expect the usual layoffs to follow as well. HTC did mention that they would continue offering support (tech support and repairs) for current devices. We’re still waiting for an official word from HTC for further confirmation. Guess you can’t win ’em all, huh?

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  1. nice pic to get me clickin’…. smokin’

    1. It’s always a trap.. O_o

        1. NICE!

        2. <3 brazil :D

        3. Thank you gus

      1. Got me to click before reading title

      2. not fair lol :P…

  2. Do you know which devices HTC sell here?

    HTC Ultimate (Windows Phone Titan), HTC Magic (Dream, G2) and HTC Desire A.

    How would anyone buy a smartphone from their when no one is good enough? They did this to themselves… no products = no sells…

    1. Yeah, you would think they’d just want to introduce their higher-end One X and S and see what happens.. but what I do I know? I’m just a blogger.

  3. Makes sense.

    1. It actually does not make sense, the sales here are low because they don’t offer any new products…

  4. wow… she’s hot!! … wait, what’s this article about again?

  5. Thank you Christopher…..thank you very much!!! What she has to do with the HTC is beyond me, but it was a beautiful ploy regardless!! ;)

  6. Sucks for the people losing their jobs :/

  7. OMG, you had to go and dig up her picture.
    She was the hottest girl in the last world cup. I drool over that picture for months.
    Now you have really done it….damn you!

    1. You, uhhhh.. need a cold shower? xD

  8. Hopefully they don’t lay off too many

  9. Of course the sales here in Brazil are declining, the last android device sold here was the AMAZING HTC Magic…

    if you don’t launch any devices on a country for over a year how can you expect to sell anything???

    they should ask apple or samsung how they’re doing in Brazil since they DO launch phones here…

    I was thinking about the HTC One X as my next phone, now I don’t care if I can get it when I’m in the US I just refuse to buy from a company that is THAT blind in the sales department…

  10. “HTC pulls out of Brazil”…..hot Brazilian girl….

    I see what you did there ;-)

  11. AY CARAMBA!!! I’d like to teach her the ways of the Dark Side ;-p

    1. words alone cannot express your fail

  12. Classic bait and switch! Darn you Chavez…..lol

  13. HTC please come up with more original designs. The internals are great but the designs of your phones are still uninspiring.

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  15. Chavez next time you use my girlfriends picture I need you to ask first.

  16. I feel used :D LOL

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