Acer Iconia Tab A700 Back In Stock with Tegra 3 Processor, 1080p Display – $450 with Free 2-Day Shipping


The other day we told you guys about the availability of the Acer Iconia Tab A700 direct from Acer’s site but unfortunately, the item was out of stock. Now it looks like that stock has been replenished and the tab can once again be purchased for $450, with free 2-day shipping. Considering the specs found on the A700, that’s a pretty damn good deal. The Iconia Tab A700 features a 10.1-inch full HD 1080p display, Tegra 3 qua-core processor, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Acer’s upstanding reputation for quality and timely updates. The A700 will also be available via Amazon on the 24th.


Chris Chavez
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  1. There are more pictures here if anyone wants to see them

  2. Before haters start: Acer’s OS updates are a month later but they tend to be quality releases needing little/no patches of bloatware.

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