Galaxy Nexus’ entry in the Google Play Store outs Jelly Bean 4.1


Something interesting has just hit the Galaxy Nexus page in the Google Play Store. According to it (you’ll have to go through the checkout process to see it), Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” will soon be headed to the handset in a software update.

Google haven’t even outed the update yet, something we expect to happen at Google I/O. But this listing update at least shows us that they’re ready to go with some tangible builds, and we hope whatever it is Google’s done will make owning the Galaxy Nexus more worthwhile than it already is.

For the time being, we can at least confirm that Google may be restyling the Google Search widget, as well as giving us a new default wallpaper to work with. This is evidenced by a VERY small thumbnail shown in the checkout process that’s just clear enough to make the UI out. You can find that in the image below.

We’re less than a week away from Google’s big annual event so stick with us as Rob, Chris, and maybe even Steve will be on hand to bring live coverage! [via XDA, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Already the best phone I’ve ever owned… It’s only gonna get better with 4.1

  2. Unless they very quickly corrected this, I call BS. I added one and started the checkout process and got a very different description:

    Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ – Galaxy Nexus HSPA+

    So… yeah. :shrug:

    1. It’s definitely there. I was one of the people that tipped them. All you have to do is pretend like you are going to buy it. It shows up on the Google Wallet page, right before you complete the purchase.

    2. No, I saw it too, maybe 30 mins ago. They must’ve changed it though because now I’m seeing what you see.

  3. Since Jelly Bean will be an incremental update, lets hope it will be updated on our phones quicker the ICS (still waiting)

  4. So us VZW owners can hope for a nice hot, steamy 4.1 update in July or August……..2013…

    1. Um… I doubt that… I really do.

      1. yeah it’ll be more like 2014 if you’re lucky ;) more reason to root and flash a brand spanking new jelly bean rom =P

    2. Another update? Hahaha.

      ..oh you were serious….

    3. You own a fine piece of machinery like a Galaxy Nexus and WAIT for updates? You should be ashamed. I’ll have 4.1 as soon as the devs get hold of it. I couldn’t care any less how long Verizon takes.

  5. Alright, that’s so awesome, “..very soon with 4.1..”.unless you have the Verizon version then you will probably get 4.1 sometime in late 2013 :-(

  6. Until we actually know what the “jelly bean” update consists of……there’s no need to get excited here.
    just sayin….

  7. Well this is exciting. I’ll take another update!

  8. I just went through the order process and that sentence didn’t show up

  9. What’s this “tax” thing you speak of?

    the state of Oregon


    1. WHAT?! Crazy Oregonians? is that right? no sales tax but I assume some kinda crazy high state tax at the end of the year?

    2. Oh you pay plenty of tax. I left OR for WA to stop paying all the taxes OR has……but what ever helps you sleep at night.

      1. I left OR so I could pump my own gas…

  10. I don’t trust “very soon” anymore
    When a matter of weeks turns into months (waiting for nexus one to get Gingerbread after nexus s was released)
    And “we are working on getting Chrome on android out of beta in the next weeks” means: In the next months

    This can take a VERY LONG TIME still!!

    Someone should create a definition for those words:

    Matter of weeks: Anywhere between 1 and 4 weeks
    Matter of months: Anywhere between 1 and 12 months
    Matter of years: Any time, because no one will keep track of this
    Very soon: Within 2 weeks
    Soon: Within 3 weeks
    nearing launch/release/deployment/roll-out: within 1-2 months
    Product/service x is done for 99%: Will be at 100% in 1/99th of the time spent creating it so far
    We are working on it: That is a good idea, we might actually pass it on to development and see what they have to say about it
    Google voice will eventually be released in more countries: TOMORROW! You hear me, FRIGGIN TOMORROW!!!!! And don;t get me started on google movies, books and wallet! You even think about making project glass US only and I will steal a i/o ticket and kickpunch Google like Kickpuncher did in Kickpuncher II: Codename punchkicker!!! (<– for the community fans out there :D)

    1. Soon school will start again for kids. 2 months later. Sorry, but you can’t put a definite description for time-related adjectives.

  11. Hmmmmmm……This may be a way for Google to upgrade the value of buying devices directly from them instead of through a carrier…….It’s why I bought this device through them a couple of months ago.

  12. “Google haven’t even outed the update yet”


  13. If you are on Verizon expect JB about 6 months after every other carrier has released it.

  14. Just in time to keep all the OEMs, who just upgraded to 4.0, left behind!

    Worst part is if you just bought a Galaxy SIII with the latest OS…only to be outdated a few weeks later. :-)

    But what do I care? I got a Nexus! (And the people that really care will root their phones.)

  15. What!? The Nexus Tablet will be the 1st device to have Jelly Bean? =.P

    That’s so off, but I don’t care. I can see that happening. Or maybe Jelly Bean comes out for them both to show how the OS is on both a Tablet and Phone.

    1. The screen shot said the first phone with 4.1, we all assume the tablet will be the first since it’s Google first tablet and since there is 2 GNexs they want you to know their GSM version will be first. Damn my Verizon GNex. Can’t wait until this fall to get my new unlock Nexus from the Google Play Store!!!!

      1. I know its talking about the phone. I wanted to be A.D.D. and talk about the Nexus Tablet. Jelly bean is suppose to be an even closer bond between the tablet UI and phone UI. That’s why I can imagine both the Nexus tablet and Jelly Bean coming out at the same tym.

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