Crazy Deals: Mass Effect Infiltrator and NBA Jam now going for $0.99, time to get your game on!


It is not often that we get such sweet deals on high-end Android games, especially ones this new. If you have a couple bucks to spare, this might just be the best way to do it. The recently-released Mass Effect Infiltrator and NBA Jam EA titles have suddenly received a price drop to $0.99, making the purchase a no-brainer for gaming fans out there.

Mass Effect Infiltrator is a game designed for high-end devices, with some of the best graphics and gameplay available for Android. It was released less than a month ago, so it comes as a surprise that it went from $7 to $1. Likewise, the March-released NBA JAM received a substantial discount going from $5 to $1.

As our friends from Android Police mention, there is no apparent reason for this offer. We are almost sure that it won’t last too long, though, so you should just get these games now. Enjoy!

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[Via: Android Police]

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  1. thanks! downloading now

  2. Honestly, Mass Effect Infiltrator actually seems playable on a phone, as opposed to Max Payne Mobile, which seems difficult to control on a phone. Granted, that’s because the controls are dumbed down, but it still seems fun to play. Well worth a buck, even if you’re supporting one of the worst companies in America…

  3. Can someone who’s played this tell me if it will make sense if I haven’t played any of the mass effect games?

    1. NBA Jam is a lot fun. It’s easy to use and there’s a really fun campaign if you know Basketball. ME Infiltrator is really easy to use. There are are no dpads, you control yourself using the right and left sides of the screens. You tap on enemies to aim and can adjust the sight from anywhere on the screen after that. It’s pretty simple for a high-end shooter and is a lot of fun. Both are worth it.

  4. Apparently it doesn’t work on the HTC One S. I am guessing it has to do with ICS.

    1. Isn’t because of ICS. Plays great on my Galaxy Nexus

  5. Bought NBA jam for mass effect not comparable with us HTC one x. Wtf?

  6. Also the NBA game has the menu button on one x. Shamefully bad coding.

  7. Bought NBA Jam. Can’t get it to launch, force closes everytime.

    Good job EA!

  8. Downloading Mass Effect update pack now, 340MB’s @ 40Mbp’s super slow

    UPDATE: finally finished downloading, I am not impressed.

  9. Not working on Galaxy S3 available :(

  10. NBA Jam not compatible with your device. “Droid Razr Maxx”. At least it works on my Xoom…

  11. They’re probably a dollar ‘cuz they suck and aren’t gonna be supported anymore like Need For Speed Shift.. I couldn’t get past the 3rd track without getting some weird error message.. EA sucks.

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