Mass Effect Infiltrator launches in the Google Play Store


Electronic Arts has released Mass Effect Infiltrator to the Google Play Store. The game is priced at $6.99 and serves as a standalone adventure in the Mass Effect universe while still acting as a companion piece to the recent console hit Mass Effect 3. The game is a rail shooter developed by the same team as Dead Space’s mobile counterpart and is supported on most high-end handsets and tablets. For fans of the Mass Effect series it should be well worth the high price, but newcomers to the series shouldn’t be turned off by the cost, either.

Google Play Link: Mass Effect Infiltrator

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  1. I wonder if the ending sucks :P

  2. I’m going to get it when it goes on sale.

  3. Hahahahah @defenstatus

  4. Yeah, I stopped supporting Bio ware after the made ME 2 and dragon age 2 more “mainstream” also not to mention the fouling up of me3.

  5. Apprehensions aside, its good to see some games coming out in the play store that are spin-offs from the main gaming systems. The way I see it, it can only strengthen the android fan base as well as gaining more users of the android os. Maybe there will be more defections from those who still think the iPhone is better.

  6. I wonder how long it will take before EA decides to disable it for everybody that bought it?

  7. Yeah, ME3 had a really poor ending considering the amount of work that went into the story for the series. I’ll get this, only because I’m an addict for the ME universe, but I wish the ‘higher ups’ at these companies stopped botching games with amazing potential and background and just let the developers work the way they want

  8. Wait, lemme guess… have to log in to EA’s servers to play a single-player game.

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