Jun 19th, 2012

If you didn’t catch it last night, Microsoft announced Microsoft Surface, a crop of Windows 8 tablets that would kickstart Microsoft’s hopeful rise to the tablet throne.

The tablet looks very, very nice, and while our reactions to Microsoft’s announcements may not be of total interest, we do wonder what Google thought of them.

Unfortunately we don’t have the pleasant privilege of knowing many insiders at Google high up the ladder to get that, but we do know what happened within the offices of the Cupertino smartphone giant Apple.

And with Google I/O set to take off in nearly a week’s time, we can’t imagine Apple will be any less ill toward what Google has to show.

While we aren’t even sure what will be announced ourselves, Apple has been known to have general animosity toward Google thanks to Android, and we’re bound to see Cook’s head pretty much explode if anything even resembling a microphone icon happens to pop up in their keynote. Take a look at the video above courtesy of WinSource.

Let’s hear from you in the comments:

  1. What would Andy Rubin, Eric Schmidt, and company be saying in a similarly spoofed “Google Watches Microsoft Surface Promo”?
  2. What will Apple/Microsoft be saying after watching Google’s 2012 IO Keynotes?
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