Apple and Tim Cook’s response to Microsoft Surface tablets [VIDEO]


If you didn’t catch it last night, Microsoft announced Microsoft Surface, a crop of Windows 8 tablets that would kickstart Microsoft’s hopeful rise to the tablet throne.

The tablet looks very, very nice, and while our reactions to Microsoft’s announcements may not be of total interest, we do wonder what Google thought of them.

Unfortunately we don’t have the pleasant privilege of knowing many insiders at Google high up the ladder to get that, but we do know what happened within the offices of the Cupertino smartphone giant Apple.

And with Google I/O set to take off in nearly a week’s time, we can’t imagine Apple will be any less ill toward what Google has to show.

While we aren’t even sure what will be announced ourselves, Apple has been known to have general animosity toward Google thanks to Android, and we’re bound to see Cook’s head pretty much explode if anything even resembling a microphone icon happens to pop up in their keynote. Take a look at the video above courtesy of WinSource.

Let’s hear from you in the comments:

  1. What would Andy Rubin, Eric Schmidt, and company be saying in a similarly spoofed “Google Watches Microsoft Surface Promo”?
  2. What will Apple/Microsoft be saying after watching Google’s 2012 IO Keynotes?
Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. what the hell is this?

    1. That’s exactly what I thought out loud after finishing watching the video, then saw your comment. Then I saw with the audio on and I understood :P

  2. Forget about crap Android. It will just make your head spin in waste with learning fragmentation. Leverage on the ecosystem you’ve been working for decades, and that’s Microsofteee unfolding the killer iPad. Whole nine yards of integration is the key with no compromise.

    1. Use your words and form a coherent sentence, please…

      1. Hasn’t he used enough already?

  3. Come on Google, it’s on. Step up the game.

    1. I’ve seen comments from a year or so back advocating a screen cover that doubles as a keyboard. So, I don’t see that the concept could be protected by patents. Connectivity would be a challenge on existing devices, but it would make a lot of sense on new devices (perhaps using a NFC antenna for wireless, battery-less operation.)

      1. Android needs strong competitors. Because the hardware is designed by 3rd parties that is often inspired by competitors to the point of fixation. The more competition android have, the better the inspiration and eventually the end product will be a very strong android hardware, I hope.

  4. What the hell does this have to do with android?

    and God that was some shitty and annoying voice over.

  5. LOL, not what I expected but pretty funny…

  6. Here we go again Quentyn, any news that mentions Apple is going to show up here. Even though this really had NOTHING to do with android. Give it a rest…

    1. I actually asked him to write it… so you can blame/credit me. Just a fun way to start the morning and interesting to ponder what executives from Google were thinking when watching Microsoft’s event. Because you’ve got to figure the competition is keeping a VERY close watch on all this.

      1. I understand why you didn’t write it yourself.
        Not only is this empty of any fact, but the video is totally stupid.

        1. Agreed. Way to ruin any credibility this site ever had.

          1. my god… really? It was a JOKE… its funny… laugh just a little bit and it may make your whole day better.

          2. We laughed the first couple of times, but lately I’m starting to see Apple’s name on their site just as much as Google’s. It is kind of annoying..

    2. Here we go again, Tomass, trolling Q-dog. Do you want him to send you an autographed photo. You sure on his jock in every post.

    3. competition is always to do with Android because in all likelihood Google will respond with better features of their own

    4. Being an Android Phone Fan does not, in the least, imply that we also cannot be fans of Microsoft. Or Apple.

      It also does not imply that we don’t have a sense of humor.

      On that note, thanks for the laugh, Tom.

    5. Jesus man, chill out.

    6. I agree with you man…..this is a website about android and in part about google news. This has to do with apple and microsoft, both of which are obviously not android or google.

      I visit other tech sites to view non-android related tech news…..if phandroid starts to post more non-android articles it needs to change its name to justAnotherTechSite dot com

      1. Did you read the questions at the bottom of the article? Trying to start discussion that IS relevant to Android. But people seem to read the title, hit the link, scroll straight to the comments to complain?

        1. Want to start a discussion, start a topic in the forums! We don’t have those just for show you know?
          ARTICLES are supposed to have content ABOUT what the website is dealing in and that is Android…not related to, but ABOUT. Did you honestly think that the main point of articles is to start discussions? I want to read android news in the articles….I do not want to read about the readers discussion….for that I’ll go to the forums. I visit this site for what I hoped was news, not for what its readers think.

    7. Will you please shutup? Thanks.

      All you ever do is b1tch in articles where Apple-anything gets mentioned, claiming that Quentyn is a closet apple-lover or something. Just because this is Phandroid doesn’t mean the giant elephants (Apple, MS, etc) in the room will be ignored.

    8. We’re just having a bit of fun, man.

      1. Quentyn is such a closet Apple fanboy O_o

    9. Apple has nothing to do with Android? You sure about that? Maybe if you keep your head in the sand that’s true.

      All you ever do is b1tch in the few articles where Apple is mentioned. If you can’t handle reality, just leave.

  7. I thought this was hilarious!

  8. I thought it was quite obvious that this was intended as a humorous article. Nothing wrong w/throwing in a bit of humor on occasion,nice job!

    To all of you who wrote in to complain:

    Turn off your electronic devices once in a while,& discover some of life’s subtitles that exist outside of your grandmother’s basement.

    1. Are you a moderator? I didn’t write in to complain, but geez, learn to take the good with the bad. Public opinion will always have both. The video was slightly cheesy, but funny.

  9. A typo in my previous comment:,’Subtleties’ instead of ‘subtitles’.
    My apologies to those here who still refuse to leave their dark, dank grandmother’s basement.

    1. haha true that Kolio… some of you guys really need to loosen up a little bit

  10. Interesting how non of the comments thus far have answered the question asked in the article.

    I think Apple is thinking that there is no competition because their product is selling so well. They are that arrogant.

    I think Google is thinking that they need to now control the hardware more like Microsoft and Apple are doing…..hence you will see Motorola or Nexus devices become a greater focus.

  11. why does Tim Cook sound like old man Herbert from Family Guy?

    1. LOL someone mentioned the same thing on YouTube. I guess our voice -over talent has limited talent! I tried to do one with Andy Rubin but had to delete it because I sounded like Walt Mossberg (see: Walt Mosspuppet)

  12. No, it’s supposed to be a joke.

  13. Never thought I’d see the day when Android fans beat Apple fans for lack of a sense of humor.

    1. its 2012 man… everything is getting flipped

  14. Apple created nothing all hail Microsoft the tablet creator! And LG the first touchscreen smartphone creator! Apple steals companies ideas and patents them as their own in the broken us patent system!

  15. Ever notice that nearly every “traditional” newspaper on the planet has a section of comics? You know, the ones that pride themselves on journalistic integrity.

    Lighten up, man! Your life will be a lot more enjoyable. I promise.

  16. And what a mature comment /s

  17. I mini-LOL’d, mostly because of the Family Guy pervert voice as Tim Cook :)

  18. Kinda boring. I’d rather see Tim Cook’s REAL reaction to Surface.

    1. Just imagine bricks….. coming out his backside (similar to the video).

      1. or Jonagold Apples…..LOL

  19. Better then half the comments!

  20. Wow I rarely post any comments but I do read most of them and I must say that some of you must be miserable people with no friends. This video was pure comedy and most of us who love Android love it cuz it’s geeky and fun which is exactly what this article is.

    I enjoy reading anything tech related and especially when it makes me laugh. Awesome job Phandroid and thanks for the laugh. You guys can’t please everyone but those miserable people will never be pleased so keep doing what you’re doing. :)

    1. well said, theres a bunch of sticks that need to be pulled out of a lot of peoples asses today

  21. WTF did I just watch?

  22. “magnets….is that magnets? We patented that….” Hilarious.

  23. (1/2) Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in epic rap battle – CNET Mobile –

    Hit up this link even more hilarious. Check the winner of the rap battle

  24. You can be a fan of Apple but why waste your time. People are entitled to their opinion but I buy phones and tablets for performance not fashion. And also in my opinion why does apple waste their time trying to ban other devices instead of improving their own. Apple really put me off with Steve Jobs and thermo nuclear war. The man was crazy. And Apple as a company is still carrying on his childish tyrade. Give me break I’m not standing on the fence and supporting the company who tried and is still trying to ban android devices from entering the country. instead of competing fairly. Apple and android got together like water and oil.

  25. That was so hilarious…. Where is the Google Version???

    1. We tried coming up with an Andy Rubin version, but couldn’t really think of anything. Apple just made it so easy… =p

      1. Hey Mr. Chavez, I just heard that this was your video.
        I’m sure (well, actually I hope) that you did not pay attention, but I still wanted to come back here to apologize for the harsh words I wrote about it. Sincerely.
        In fact, the problem is that the article sounds too serious, and the video is presented like the real Tim Cook’s reaction, so when you watch it you feel baffled and kind of deceived, but after watching it again I have to admit it’s pretty funny.

  26. MAN!!! What a bunch of whiny ass bitches you guys are. Starting to sound more and more like Apple hipsters every day. Thanks for the laugh. reposted on Facebook.

  27. Apple will be filing a lawsuit to stop the further development, distribution and sales of the new MS ipad-like device as soon as the courts open in the morning. They clearly stole Apple’s exclusive patents dealing with a flat panel-like device where customers can read books, play games, etc.

    Mr. Tim Cook was heard to say, “We must stop the competition before it catches up to us. Since we’re out of ideas, we must again use the federal courts to stop them for us.”

  28. It just made my day hahaha. Now Microsoft is catching on what Apple has been doing, taking good things other people came up with and put them together to call it a great device.

  29. Google would say

    “That’s awesome we love competition!”

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