Jun 18th, 2012

A few moments ago, Microsoft unveiled their entry into the tablet space with the introduction of Microsoft Surface. Of course, the question many of you are most likely wondering is how does Microsoft’s Surface stack up against the competition namely, Android tablets? Well, let’s take a quick look at what was announced.

It’s not often we see Microsoft enter into the hardware market, usually licensing their software to manufacturers for implementation into their wares, but this time they’re coming out swinging, introducing 2 tablets that will no doubt turn some heads. Each tablet focuses on the OS specific version of Windows it’s running. You have Microsoft Surface Windows RT for a traditional touch-based “tablet” experience — and you have Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro which combines a tablet and full desktop OS into one (see the full specs).

Both tablets feature built-in kickstands and optional keyboard add-on that comes that acts as a “Smartcover” and comes in a variety of colors and feel. There’s a touch keyboard that is 3mm thin and features a multitouch trackpad. For those that prefer a more traditional feel , there’s even a cover keyboard with actual hardware keys.

While Microsoft wasn’t inclined to giveaway too much in terms of specs of their tablets, we do have a few details. Our friends at WinSource (it’s okay to have friends with a difference in opinion, even if when they’re wrong) threw together a nice chart showing off the biggest and baddest Google, Apple and now Microsoft have to offer, pitting them against each other in a battle royale spec sheet showdown. Take a look.

Okay, so maybe Microsoft managed to leave more to the imagination than we had hoped. You can find a few extra details (most dealing with dimensions) in the official comparison chart above. Now comes the real question. I’ve voiced my opinion on tablets in the past (not totally against ’em, although not really for me) but I’m curious to see how you guys felt about Microsoft’s announcement. As it stands, will you be swiping your credit card to pick up a Microsoft Surface tablet? Do you need time for more specs to be revealed? Or are you team Android for life, and there’s no way you’d ever think about using another mobile OS?

Time for a quick poll… but after, don’t forget to head on over to the Microsoft Surface Forums to further discuss.

In the comments, tell us what you think Google needs to announce at Google IO to keep the rumored Nexus 7 Tablet ahead of, or at least neck-and-neck with, the competition.

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[Microsoft | Via WinSource]

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