NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal will let you take out cash from an ATM without using a debit card


Just like many of us no longer carry cash, the need of a debit card is starting to become a thing of the past. Many of us buy products online, and while it is not too spread out yet, NFC payment technologies are allowing us to purchase with our smartphones. NCR Corporation plans to take things further by exploring into a new territory – cash withdrawals with the use of a smartphone.

The concept is much simpler than one would expect. The user would simply make a selection via the NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal app and scan the QR code that would be displayed in an ATM’s screen. After that, the transaction will be processed and the cash withdrawn, with the user receiving an electronic receipt.

Unlike services like Google Wallet and Isis, the system under development has no need for new hardware and uses technology that has been available to us for many years. All one needs is an internet-connected device that can read a QR code. The ATM machine would also need a software upgrade to display said code.

This would make the transition much faster (granted banks were to join), as the expenses of adapting to NCR’s technology would be minimal.

We know there is one big red flag waving over your heads right now, though. Security is a major factor, and we are not sure how this service performs in those terms. If banks are to join the movement, though, we should hope that they would do so only after making sure its customers are safe.

NCR claims that this solution would reduce skimming fraud, as one wouldn’t be using an actual card to withdraw money. But a smartphone-operated transaction can bring many other concerns. The device’s software is not a safe, and we have had our good share of malware and other types of viruses.

More details will come as this service starts to become available. We can stick to our old, plastic debit cards for now. But what do you guys say? Would you like being able to do this?

[Via: Geeks, Talk Android]

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  1. I would use it if I needed cash. I, however, rarely use cash…

    1. Yeah cash is kind of a thing of the past for me too. lol

      1. Cash won’t ever go away, despite what the pundits say.

    2. That’s the ultimate irony, here. People don’t use cash, so they need this new technology to help them get cash! No wonder no one else has come up with it yet!!! :-)

    3. You still need cash to.. Buy a Lottery ticket.. Do your laundry at a laundromat.. Loan your deadbeat family/friends money.. pay off the bet you made on that missed waste basket shot.

  2. Id use it, provided the security was top notch.

  3. Hah! NCR? The Brotherhood of Steel mobile payment option, comes with an armed escort to & from the ATM.

  4. It’s an intriguing idea. I’m curious to see how this plays out. I’m all for it, if they can keep it safe and reliable. The doubts that people have about it now are probably equivalent to when ATM (or ‘the hole in the wall’ as my grandmother called it back in the day) started popping up in the first place.

  5. So when you break your phone, how do you buy a new one?

  6. Like it but wouldn’t catch on. Too slow… I can see granny trying to find the app on her phone, or someone reset their phone and forgot to download the app. So i am behind them waiting for them to set the app up! Or battery goes dead and transaction didnt complete. I just want to put my phone up to the machine and not push anything but how much i want on the ATM machine.

    1. Yea I like the idea but the way it’s implemented needs to be re-thought out. A process like this would work.

      – Swipe card or touch phone to pad
      – Enter pin, Press Enter
      – Select withdraw amount
      – Ask if you would like a receipt if card, if phone display receipt on phone

      Very simple, and secure as you still need a pin.

  7. Come on NFC! Please become widely adopted so more companies accept your payments!

  8. Good idea.

  9. They need to rework this app into NFC. Just too many steps in the process.

  10. Isn’t the point of future financial transactions to be cashless? Why dedicate time and effort to this very short term tech. By the time they manage all the security issues with QR codes we will be done with cash.

  11. Great idea. The way of the future. Get it done.

  12. I think its great idea whose time has come.

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