Google Introduces Google Wallet – George Costanza Is Their First Customer [Video]


Google introduced the world to their new mobile payment service for smartphones aptly named, Google Wallet. While the service isn’t officially live just yet, you can hit up Google.com/wallet to signup and get notified as soon as it is. Currently, there is only one phone in the US that is actually NFC enabled to take advantage of their new service and I’d imagine Google is waiting for the release of some new NFC chipped devices before going live. In case you were wondering what kind of person would benefit from Google Wallet, well — Google already has their first customer and supplied the video below.

[Via Google]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. That’s awesome! At least It’s not a nobody…

    1. You callin’ Kevin Bacon a nobody?

      1. My wife says if I watch another Kevin Bacon movie, I might actually turn into Kevin Bacon *fingers crossed*

        1. Kevin who? :-) George is the perfect spokesperson for Google Wallet with his “rotund friend”. Seinfeld never gets old ….

  2. Awesome…I love that show

  3. OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!!!
    Love the seinfeld series!!!! Pure genius!!!
    Great commercial and perfect way to advertise Google wallet

  4. Google seems to be kicking it up a notch with advertising. I have seen a time of commercials lately for chrome. Pretty cool!

  5. Sweet. I am sure a lot of pickpockets are happy.

    “It’s so much easier sliding a phone out of a pocket than a leathery wallet!”

    1. You still need to type in your pin to access the virtual cards…not to mention your code/pattern to open your phone (which hopefully you have set up already!)

    2. Leathery? My double-sided Duck Tape wallet never gets pick pocketed.

    3. 4.5″ phone vs a billfold…

  6. @Scott Myers I am almost positive there will be some sort of security features preventing thieves from using your “virtual wallet”. If not, then yes, pickpockets will be engulfed with joy!

  7. Scot mayers. Are u an idiot?

  8. wow…… the international/t-mobile nexus S wont be getting it. so much for being an early adopter and getting it on december 18th -.-. nexus S 4g only -.-

    1. Yeah, wtf? This is bizarre. I’m trying to find out more info from my friend at tmobile but it sounds like Google has not yet reached an agreement with tmobile to support Google Wallet. Come on tmo, get your shit together.

  9. It will be more convenient gadget for us. Really google goes everywhere. Thius is how this is the best one in every field of it. Nice marketing strategy as well. Nice explanation of your in this article. Thank you.

  10. Looks like the iPhone too could be coming up with an NFC chip. But that is still a rumor. In any case, Android seems to have a headstart in this case. Having said that, a feature becomes “cool” and “revolutionary” only when Apple launches it.

    1. bullshiiz

  11. @patelprayan1

    while you’re down there…

  12. @patelprayan1

    While you’re down there…

  13. Lol I remember that episode

    1. Me too. He was siting at the table in the diner tilted because his wallet was too big. LOL!

      1. Lol now I need 2 watch that again forgot how funny that show is especially the summer of George

        1. SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!

          1. Lol classic

  14. Haha, gd advert considering its google!

  15. making all the stores in the US support NFC….. maybe 2020.

  16. No worries about having to fish out my cards to purchase a product and its at Macy’s ,Im going to love this !!!!

  17. come on Chavez! pick up your game! it’s been two days with no new content!

  18. If I have to buy a new phone to take advantage of this, it isn’t going to happen for a long time for me. 3 months into a new 2 year contract. I doubt very many people are going to shell out hundreds of dollars just to pay for things with their cell phones.
    It would make a lot more sense to have it generate a one time use QR code.

  19. Goodbye Wallet? Until every vendor has NFC, having it on your phone is pointless because at majority of places you have swipe your card.

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