Deal Alert: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Only $150 For Upgrades at Amazon Wireless and Target Mobile


I have a feeling more than a few of you are looking to make the Samsung Galaxy S3 your next big upgrade, and I have some good news for those of you on AT&T. First, Target was offering the device for only $150 for upgraders ($190 new accounts and $200 for family accounts), and now it looks like Amazon Wireless is following suit, matching that same deal for those flying solo on a individual account.

Of course, the device is backordered so there’s no promising if you’ll be able to get the phone on day 1. But for $50 in savings, that’s a tough offer to refuse. I’ll link to both, that way you guys can pre-order the Galaxy S3 at the retailer of your choice. Cheers.

[Amazon Wireless | Target Mobile]


Chris Chavez
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  1. OMG! I hope they do this for T-Mobile too!

  2. Edit: That was quick!!! Amazon is now showing $189!!! What Asian N.L. Bollin said with an explanation to get the $149.99 for current AT&T customers wanting an upgrade.

    When are they going to start selling the S3 on Amazon for Sprint!!! Also for those that are looking for a small upgrade on memory, Groupon is having a deal right now for a two pack of Samsung 8 GB SDHC Class 6 cards for $10:

    1. I saw that and was tricked aswell. It shows on amazon as $189.99 if you click the link, but that’s for new accounts only.

      Click “buy at amazonwireless” and it shows it’s $149.99 if your upgrading on an individual plan.

      $199.99 if your upgrading on a family plan or adding new line.

      1. The idea of charging more for new accounts, or adding a line, than for upgrades caught my eye in the original post. Isn’t that unheard of?

        1. yes, because the idea of pointing out specifics incase someone over looks them as it obviously has is such a bad thing. It would’ve been slightly less confusing if the link linked to amazonwireless rather then amazon where it shows $189.99.

      2. Yeah, weird that individual upgrade is $150 and family upgrade is $200.

  3. What about best buy?

  4. That’s a great deal. Anyone want to buy an inspire 4g missing the volume button (typical issue for this phone and desire hd) for $150? New button is like $2 but comes from hong kong. I want gs3 now

    1. Craigslist or XDA. Or any other forum, but no spamming please.

  5. Can’t wait to get this in my hands.

  6. Important Note:
    When upgrading through Amazon, you won’t be able to carry forward your existing dataplan. This is only an issue for people, such as those on AT&T, with the old unlimited or old $15/mo 200MB plan.

    1. Actually if you call AT&T and notify them that you’re upgrading though amazon but you want to keep your data plan they’ll make a note on your account and after you get your phone you can call them and they’ll revert you to the account you had.

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