Draw Something Updated With Fresh New UI, Special Words, and Game Expiration Notifications


We knew it was coming. After finding itself bought up by the social gaming juggernaut Zynga, OMGPop has finally used some of those newly acquired funds to overhaul their smash-hit app, Draw Something. The game has been given a slight visual overhaul featuring a brand new “fresh” look for the summer.

Also added are the new “Special Words” feature and the ability to play the game with friends in over 13 different languages. Players are also now given expiration notifications, so you no longer have to guess when your idle game with a friend is about to expire. Upon opening the app, you’ll notice a completely new User Agreement infused with Zynga’s privacy policy.

Guess now would be a good time to dip back into Draw Something if you’ve been out of the game for awhile. In the spirit of full disclosure — you might not want to play with me, that is, unless you like receiving grade-school level doodles of random private parts. You’ve been warned.

[Google Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I must add you. We have the same strategies. :D

  2. Crashes nonstop on my gnex. Fid this before the update a bit, but crashes as well as ads have increased significantly. Wad tp be expected, since my crashes happen for 95% after trying to click away an ad

    1. Interesting.. Works perfect on my G-Nex but I guess that doesn’t mean much. I’m rooted running AOKP.

      1. If you filter out the comments in the Play Store just for the GNex, it’s happening to just about every other GNex…including me.

        I spend all this time on a drawing (even though it looks like crap) and press send, then the app crashes :(.

      2. Do you have the ad-free paid version? Sounds like the problem is only happening to the free version.

  3. Is that Android 4.0 in your screen shot? I wouldn’t know since my fully capable, less-than-a-year-old-phone (that Google promised would receive updates) isn’t getting that.

  4. I get an ad every time the game tries to do something.

    1. I get same problem, ads popping up half way through drawing, annoying!

  5. Who still plays this game?? It died about as fast as it got popular.

    Kudos to OMGPOP’s sale to Zynga. $220M was gangsta (people will stop playing it soon enough… if they haven’t already)

  6. Nope, don’t support douche bag developers plus the game got lame as hell after 2 days.

    1. Too cool for school!

      (And… I’m The Dude… Maaaannn :)

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