T-Mobile LTE trials to begin next month, network to launch early 2013


T-Mobile’s making steady progress on its LTE network, it seems, as they’ve announced that LTE trials will begin next month. These trials are a tad lengthy, but it’s a necessary step to ensure the network will take off and stay up without a problem. But the wait for the network won’t be long as T-Mobile have committed to early 2013 to begin their widespread launch.

We’re still not sure what to expect for their device lineup once that window approaches, but we’re sure they’ll have a compatible smartphone or two available by that summer. Sure, they’re late to the game but as the cliche saying goes: “it’s better late than never. [via Android Community]

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  1. Good for them! Welcome to the wonderful world of LTE (in 2013)!

  2. I’m willing to wait. In fact, I’m pretty darn happy with the HSPA+ speeds (especially for the price)!

    1. I must say that I am very impressed with TMo’s HSPA+ in NYC. A friend just purchased the One S, which I unlocked and rooted for him. Ran a speed test which was a consistent 10mbps for the DS. Impressive.

    2. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ speeds have been bar-none Amazing here. I have been with Magenta for going on 12 years and couldn’t be happier especially with the upgrades our network is going through now. I like to buy most of my devices unsubsidized so I could walk away and go to Verizon if I’d like but I’ve been so happy with T-Mobile I just can’t allow myself to do that. – )

  3. I love how TMobile advertises as being the largest 4G carrier in the nation with their new ad campaign with the girl on the motorcycle, when their STILL in the “trial” period. This is false advertising pure and simple and they should not be allowed to blatantly lie to the public like this. pathetic!

    1. If you want to get technical LTE isn’t 4G either.

      1. Exactly! No carrier is offering anything that is even close to the technical definition of 4G. But they are all officially allowed to use the term “4G” for marketing purposes. I wonder what the real 4G will be called the day we reach those speeds… “Real4G” maybe?

    2. You must be fairly new to the whole 3G/4G game. Realistically, NO ONE has a network running at the original 4G definition and the recent “4G” implementations by CDMA networks would only make them 3G under the old standards. Of course, all of these companies wanting to cash in on a new buzzword got the standards changed. The network Tmo is running right now is as much 4G as any other network running in the US. You can’t single out Tmo as lying to the public as all carriers are guilty.

      1. I understand that, I’m just saying….in terms of Tmo’s LTE and Verizons, Verizon has the largest faux 4G (aka LTE) network in the country. and if you’ve ever used it, you’d know it screams compared to standard 3G. So call it 3G & a 1/2 or whatever you like, but Verizon’s has the largest LTE coverage and it’s sad that both Tmobile & AT&T have to lie to the public by claiming theirs is the largest coverage.

        1. i dont think you understood the post you replied to

        2. HSPA+ is tmobile’s “4g”taking that into account T-Mobile has HSPA+ rolled out in more areas than Verizon’s lte network. So they aren’t lying to you when they say this, understand now?

    3. Just an FYI, the current generation of LTE on Verizon and At&t is not true 4G either.

    4. As eveybody else has said, there’s no true 4G carrier in this country. The standard is 100Mbps. The FCC told the carriers they could call 3.5G 4G.

      1. But with Tmo wanting to come out with HSPA +84, they’d be the closes to actual 4G. Off topic, but worth saying.

        1. I think they might be skipping that in favor of LTE-Advanced which is true 4g. (this article should state that that’s what they are launching)

          Not really sure, though. I will say that they are my carrier of choice, and I’m glad they’re going for it, but HSPA+ will get me by for a while yet.

          1. you’re right

          2. well technically they still want to go HSPA+84, but that won’t happen now until their LTE network is fully integrated which is a fantastic idea and really good for the future of Magenta. : )

          3. That would be awesome. Where there’s no LTE, we’d get HSPA+84. Nice.

    5. maybe they dont have LTE but yet much more faster than any other carrier. I have a tmobile phone and i check the velocity with the iphone 4s of every carrier and my tmobile G2 is way much faster them all of them lol

      1. I hope English is like your fourth language. That’s just terribad.

    6. Oh they aren’t lying. Just because it isn’t LTE does not mean that it isn’t “4G”. They are usin HSPA+ 42 that rivals the LTE speeds on Verizon and AT&T. so if you think T-Mobile is falsely advertising 4G, then the other companies are too.

  4. At least Tmo has HsPa+ to fall back on for a while… Sprint is still struggling to hold a decent 3G connection, they have been improving slightly tho

    1. In some areas perhaps, but I’m lucky to be one of those who doesn’t have any issues with Sprint’s network in general. I get good WiMAX, 3G, and 1X coverage.

  5. They finally have the REAL 4G

    1. LTE isn’t real 4G. At least according to the standards committee. LTE-Advanced or whatever it’s called is though. From what I hear TMobile 4g, HSPA+, can be pretty damn fat.

      1. T-Mobile’s LTE network will be LTE-Advanced. So, yes, it well be “real” 4G.

  6. Most of their network (I’m talking geographic here, not pops) is still GPRS and EDGE, are they going to just cover that up and say “Hey, we have LTE, no worries!”? Here in NorCal, and much of the west and midwest T-Mobile is NOT 4G, or even 3G, just old school 2G.

    1. I’m in NorCal and get 8-10 Mbps. As with every carrier, it just depends on where you live.

    2. And that will change over a course of a year since they are refarming.

    3. i get a constant 4mbps all around town and pretty much everywhere in los angeles county

      this is with an old 12mbps phone for clarification, since i know people with the 42mbps phones get a cool 8-10mbps in the same areas

  7. tmobile has great hspa+ speeds on the 42 hspa product. seriously. its not verizon LTE, but I don’t put up with the crap from Verizon as they change things whenever they want. Thats work alot…not to mention I spend about $45 less a month. Verizon has good data, but they are WAY too proud of it to make it useful for anyone wanting a 5gb plan. and oh yea, they had double your data and then ended just prior… it so no one with a descent smart phone (ie gs3) could use it. LOL.
    if you notice, Verizon doesn’t get the best phones (outside of the gnexus). the rest are 2nd tier in the past. great data, crappy phones so no one will use it.

    1. Verizon doesn’t get the best phones? Not so sure, if you look at last winter – RAZR, Rezound, Galaxy Nexus, RAZR MAXX…

    2. At least they’re not AT&T.

  8. socal has ridiculous tmo hspa+42 coverage and add LTE on top with an hspa+ fallback? that’s how it should be done! att gets props there too I guess kinda. sprint and vz seriously need to upgrade to EVDO RevB (many chipsets in available phones already support it) as a competitive fallback from LTE. srsly.

  9. I’m not an expert on cellular data so I’ll ask, what is the advantage to LTE over HSPA+?

    1. LTE is a little more efficient when it comes to handling spectrum. With the spectrum shortage most carriers are claiming this will edge in efficiency turns into a valuable tool.

      Now on the flipside of that HSPA+ is more battery efficient(for now at least).

  10. Tmo is going with LTE release 10 which will allow them to upgrade the system with only a software upgrade and not a hardware upgrade for LTE Advanced which will allow up to 150 mbps.

  11. C’mon Google just buy T-Mobile…

  12. $20 says T-mobile delivers LTE to Colorado before Sprint gets their LTE s*** together here. If it wasn’t before, T-mobile is looking awfully tempting now.

  13. I currently have Verizon, and have been off contract for a few months
    now. I wanted to wait for the RazrHD, but who knows when, if ever that
    shows up. With Verizon forcing my hand to upgrade by June 28th to keep
    my unlimited data, I decided I’d just upgrade to the SIII.

    However, now I am thinking about just switching to TMo for the Wi FI
    calling, since I get poor service on Verizon in my house. For you TMo
    guys- does the Wi Fi calling really work? Will I greatly miss 4G LTE by
    switching to HSPA+?

    1. Of course wifi calling works! It’s probably one of the most innovative ideas ever. I’m not sure if you will miss lte, but hspa+ is killer for me, it may just be that i live in socal, but i have never gotten below 10 mbps on a speedtest and i average 15

    2. the wifi-calling is the best! None of the providers have great service at my house, so wifi-calling is a must. I tried the verizon femtocell before and it was terrible. HSPA+ is fast, and also, unless you get LTE everywhere you go, Verizon’s 3G speed is terrible. Also, T-mobile is going to use the next generation of LTE which will be better than Verizon’s and AT&T’s.

    3. I love my wifi-calling on T-Mobile, works really fantastic. HSPA+42 speeds are comparable to LTE speeds also so in the end you really wouldn’t be missing too much assuming you live in a big city and not in the boondocks.

    4. Thanks for the responses… I think you guys sold me.

  14. I’m laughing. A year ago, ppl were ready to leave Tmo because of the supposed takeover by the Deathstar. Now, ppl are raising eyebrows at the fact that those Commandants were smarter than given credit for. Lte testing, refarming of 2g, better selection of phones, and get this. . .a backdoor plan to include the apple unit.

    1. T-Mobile is making some fantastic moves to their network.

  15. According to Engadget it’s LTE-Advanced. Very nice if true, it would be the first true 4G. Lol

    1. T-Mobile is using release 10 LTE which is LTE Advance, so yes.

  16. Basically, it’s left up to what is considered 4g and who is saying it. For all intents and purposes, we know that there is no true 4g at this time. The definition was changed to reflect the current bands to include HSPA+, LTE, and WiMax. To the techies, fanboys, and other dudes the distinction is well known. However, the average Joe or sheep, the only thing that matters is that sacred 4g. Their perception is that 4g is better than 3g. Which is precisely what the carriers want, especially when AT&T and Tmo went at it about 4g speeds and Verizon and Tmo came to blows about the efficiency of HSPA+/LTE.

  17. So to differentiate itself and reflect the true 4g speeds, will T-Mo brand this as 5g?

    1. If they make it to true 4g speeds first, then I say yes, they should brand it 5g…why the hell not? ;p

    2. More than likely it will be “4G LTE”

      I’m sure it will be faster than their current real world 42Mbps but not “5G” kind of faster. i.e. – their “4G” is easily over 10x faster than their 3G whereas LTE will probably only be about 2x at most faster than what we get now.

      Save the “5G” for whatever surpasses 100Mbps at least. Commercially thinking.

  18. what frequency is tmobile going to use for is LTE network?

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