Max Payne Now Available – We Go Hands On With Rockstar’s Latest [Video]


It’s that time, folks. Max Payne (Mobile) just landed in the Google Play Store late last night and without hesitation, I’ve downloaded and installed the latest from Rockstar Games onto my Galaxy Nexus.

One of the few games I’ve ever played to completion, (I have a hard time finishing what I’ve started) I’m sure you already know exactly what this game is about. But for our younger readers, I’ll go ahead and give you the spiel. You’re a cop, with a chip on his shoulder who finds himself on the wrong side of the law after his family is brutally murdered in his home. The first game to make use of the now famous “Bullet Time” gameplay mechanic, you shoot the face off of everything, and everyone that comes your way in order to exact revenge on those responsible. The game uses photo realistic graphics (cutting edge back in its day) and mixes a unique graphic novel style cutscenes, with dark, noir storytelling.

Okay, we know the game is awesome. That’s pretty much a given. But how well does it play on Android? Well, check out my quick hands-on video to find out.

So, as you can see from my video, Max Payne is pretty much unplayable unless you’re using some kind of bluetooth controller. It can be played without, but you’re probably not going to enjoy it much. Also, keep in mind that Max Payne will require at least 1.33GB of free space on your device’s storage to allow for system resources (took me about 9 minutes with a speedy WiFi connection). You can find the game right now in the Google Play Store for the low-low price of $3.

[Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. They could have used the control mechanics on Dead Space. it would have worked better. But how well tapping the screen to shoot would work with automatic guns is another thing. It looks a bit of a pain to play and aim.

    1. Damn near impossible. Not worth a buy until I get one of those newly announced Nyko bluetooth controllers..

      1. 4:32 “This is gonna be a Payne”. Unintentional but I LOL-ed

  2. Good write up and video, thanks Chris!

  3. In the video you are holding it wrong. Your right thumb is supposed to go underneath the three circles. Same controls as Shadowgun.

    1. Agreed, the controls don’t look that bad actually considering the limitations.

  4. Btw your review of the controls is flawed. Any game really on a tablet requires a controller, on my phone the controls work great. Tablets are just to big to use touch controls on..

    1. WoahManWTF I usually prefer gaming on my tablet for the extra screen real estate but still..

      This game is nearly impossible to move your character, aim and shoot accurately without an actual physical controller, no matter if it’s on phone or tablet. Too much of a hassle to actually enjoy =/

      1. yeah, like you am awaiting that Nyko controller. I can’t play these twitchy control games with touch inputs. I am unsure how other people are successful in such dastardly flawed control schemes. Once I get my paws on that controller I’ll be playing Max Payne on my prime and loving every moment of it.

      2. I prefer gaming on a tablet too, just with these sort of games I always use a controller. I find that when I play a touch game on my phone the layout is much easier to reach with my fingers and there for works better. I played through a few levels of this last night before I fell asleep with no issues, I have certainly played games with worse controls before.

  5. I will get Max Payne 3 for the Xbox. Already played 1 and 2 on computer.

  6. Xperia Play

  7. 2 words – FU$%ING DOPE

  8. Works great for my Galaxy Nexus…

    1. Chavez? It must be my ROM then =/

  9. I think he is not used to mobile games.. Why he is holding like that?? For me the controls seems ok

  10. I had no problems playing it controls work fine for me


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