Peter Chou: HTC to focus on quality smartphones


HTC seems to be making nice on their promise of offering a more simple, yet better line of smartphones. HTC’s Peter Chou mentioned to the Wall Street Journal that they don’t want to destroy their brand image by offering smartphones that can potentially hurt their image. I imagine phones like the HTC Status and ChaCha, and many of their Brew phones fit into that category.

“We insist on using better materials to make better products that offer premium experience,” said Chou. That doesn’t mean all their smartphones will be high-end beasts that can’t be touched (the HTC One V isn’t quite up to snuff in that regard), but you can expect they won’t be delivering any devices that put shame to Android’s name. [via The Wall Street Journal]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. they said this 6 months ago, its not news

    1. They only said they’d be making fewer smartphones.

      1. either way their lying their asses off

  2. Nexus X anyone?

  3. Don’t want to put to shame Android’s name, then start releasing timely updates and tweak your EOL cycles.

    1. htc is the most timely with their updates than any of the competition…

      1. That is why the Evo 3d still hasn’t gotten it’s official ICS update and Samsung devices have already started getting ICS OTA….

        1. You’re basing you’re statement based on ONE device. Seriously? HTC was the first manufacturer (even before google) to get ics on a phone, and have since pushed it to a number of devices. Do your research, Samsung is doing very poor leaving flagship phones out of the Ics loop including he carrier version of the note.

          1. No, I am not basing it on one device. I have been a part of the android community since the telnetd days. I have seen countless HTC devices take forever to get updated. I am not at all hating on HTC. I think they are a great company and put out a great product. I’m just disappointed in the speed at which they release updates. The sensation line of phones also took forever to get ICS. I’m not excusing the speed that other manufactures have taken either. Update rollouts take entirely too long in general. Asus is the only one that is decent out of non-nexus devices.

          2. my vivid running ics is not really buying the validity of your statements.

      2. I thought Asus was better with timely updates aren’t they

      3. This!

  4. Stop using Sense maybe?

    1. Sense is what makes HTC. I’m back on Vanilla Android on my GNex and I hate it. Sense makes the user experience complete. There’s so many basic functional things missing on stock Android. I’ve left HTC twice now. Once for Motorola and this last time for Samsung. I’ve regretted it tremendously within a few weeks both times. I will not make that mistake a third time.

      1. And that is a fine opinion to have. I’d rather have AOSP and not have to deal with the bloat and delayed/non-existent updates. Sense convolutes the user experience unnecessarily. I, for one, will never buy a non-Nexus device again. Bring on CM/AOSP where I can customize every aspect of the OS. Not closed source bloat.

        Also, what basic functionality is lost on AOSP? There isn’t a single thing that sense has that can’t be added to your gnex.

        1. Cid! Long time no speak! Have to say that I ran Sense for the first time on my Sensation for a while and liked it. Now running CM9, but it’s still a long way from the complete ICS experience. The one big downside to Sense is that it completely screws up multi-tasking.

          1. (Mostly Sarcasm)
            The one good thing to fake multitasking is every time Facebook’s shitty app stops responding you just have to go home and re-open it to refresh it.

            (but web pages refreshing makes me want to punch someone in the face)

          2. I’ve tried to send HTC an email specifically in regards to drivers. Im a user if given the choice to stay with my EVO 4G longer, then i would. I asked if they would consider embracing the Developer side of the android community by developing drivers for the Camera, FFC’s, and 4G connections on phones that remain a bit hindered. Mentioned that they were doing awesome work with trying to port ICS to the evo 4G and other HTC phones. I mentioned that Cyanogen could use those drivers and that they should consider supporting the community more.
            Reply wasnt what i hoped. They mentioned to stay tuned to further future devices that would bring an ICS experience and that they respect the android community. But do not have any plans to make drivers for the evo 4g at the moment.

          3. Hey buddy. I am running sense 3.6 right now and it isn’t bad. I just don’t think that sense is needed anymore. I understand that at a time the integration that sense had could have been argued as necessary but not anymore. ICS is pretty dead on.

            The two things that bother me most are the multitasking issue and in the USA the ITC fix that ruins links. Luckily both those can be fixed by using a custom rom.

        2. I agree.

          I still don’t know why none of the OEM’s have decided to embrace the openness of the Android community and sell a phone with Cyanogenmod or AOKP as the stock rom. It could even save them some money as much of the customization work is already done. All the OEM would have to do is make the proper device specific drivers.

          I am sure the ROM developers would be on board (imagine the publicity that would come, even if they didn’t work out a deal to get royalties on devices sold, which they very well might) and it would be a great for the OEM to market to the modding community without harming them in the more mainstream market.

          If they are worried about warranty liability, they could disable root by default with a warning message on the enable option telling customers that continuing with the process will void their warranty.

        3. Having come from an Eris and Thunderbolt to a GNex, I was, like IanMMA, very disappointed to learn how much basic functionality, which I’d assumed was part of Android, had actually come from Sense. However, as you’ve said, everything that I wanted was easily replaced with apps, leaving me without the heavy Sense interface that was constantly rebooting itself on my Thunderbolt. I’ll take vanilla, please!

    2. android manufacturers need to have unique qualities that separate them from other android manufacturers

      1. Build better product? Focus on battery life? Screen quality?

        There are plenty of things you can do outside of bloating up the experience.

  5. If HTC listens to me, I am going to make them millions of dollars with one simple piece of advice. Release the One X on Verizon before the end of unlimited plans and the release of the the Galaxy S3 this month.

    1. If only… I’d pay full price off contract for an X just to be rid of my POS Samsung Gnex.

      1. You dont have a Gnex, or you’re using it wrong

        1. I own a gnex, and the screen is beautiful and crappy at times, If you’re used to sense you’re used to sense, and the camera is pretty mediocre

        2. He’s probably using the Verizon one. Google dropped the ball on that. They should have refused to give control to Verizon or simply not released a Verizon model.

        3. Ya that makes total sense. Cause there’s some way to inadvertently make your phone have worthless reception right? You’re and idiot and the GNEx is still a piece of crap! Samsung and Motorola both make garbage in my experience. I’ve never had quality issues with HTC. Admittedly the fixed battery was a bad move but if my Gnex can’t make. phone call or get internet it doesn’t really matter if I have 12 spare batteries now does it?

  6. Are they going to keep feeding their customers and the world the same load of crap every 6 months then continue to do business as usual and churn out the same handsets over and over?

    1. Are people going to be keep writing the same ignorant comments about Moto, Samsung, and HTC without going and trying their new phones?

      1. yes they are because they have apples shoved up their arses

      2. No, what we are going to do is voice or opinion. I have bought several HTC devices and like them overall. The problem is that they are not making groundbreaking devices, they are just making minimal advances, just enough to get by. I have tried their “new” phones every time they release one. And to be honest, I have even played with Sense 4.0 and while it has better eye candy it is in no way a much “lighter” version of sense. In fact, if you look at the size of the RUU for the newer devices with Sense 4.0 they are over 600MB!!! THATS UNACCEPTABLE! Bottom line is they are still not keeping their promises, are getting slower and slower updating software in their phones, are getting more sloppy with the quality of their software, and are encrypting bootloaders. So yes, HTC is still moving in the wrong direction.

        1. slower and slower on updates… both att htc’s have ics and evo3d on sprint is getting it this month.. (and no one care about verizon updates they never get them)
          and the one x v s etc. all have ics… I would think they have more phones walking around updated than any other manufacturer.

  7. I’m just waiting for the htc ONE XXL. It looks amazing and is rumoured to have the specs to really be a hit. (2GB RAM)

  8. Put the One X and the EVO 4G LTE in a room and let them make a few babies. Do the inevitable and tone down Sense. Offer add-ons. Now you’re cooking instead of your phones.

    1. Isn’t that incest? O.O

      1. Codename: Joffrey.

        1. Best. Reference. Ever.

  9. Really well HTC have not been listening over the last few years there video recording sound is STILL tinny. Unless they fix this then I will never have a HTC phone again.

    1. They do need to work on video and let’s not forget a replaceable batteries.

      1. And SD card slots.

  10. I am a Gnex owner, and love it. I sometimes miss my Droid Incredible though. One of the best phones I ever used.

  11. My Wife lovers her ChaCha – it’s a quality piece of kit. Only selling high end monsters will hurt them too.

  12. That is great HTC….now unlock the damn bootloader for the AT&T One X already.

    1. And unlock it right. Hboot 1.5 was a joke.

  13. Jason, your comment is one of the best, ones on here.

  14. Bada phones? O_o

  15. … sure, selling different specced phones with the same name and same price is the best thing you can do to polish your image. *cough* One S.

    1. cough not even remotely the same phone… they both have sense 4.0 and ics 4.0 of course the screens are gonna be similar… pick up a 4g lte evo… straight outta compton. completely different and really making me consider staying on sprints city <pronounce in angry asion voice) service.

  16. Cidhed is rustled. Read all the comments below and report back to the like button below my post.

    Also I hate iphone fanboys but honestly this company has turned me into the same opinionated jerk about their product. I will not ever leave HTC and continually push them on the sales floor to prevent customer complaints and provide top tier phones for my customers.

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