HTC’s OpenSense SDK gets update, now available for download


HTC have announced that a new OpenSense SDK is ready and has been made available for download. This is a big update in that it incorporates many new APIs necessary to plug in to Sense 4.0 features such as the Sound Enhancer, HTC MediaLink, the new lock screen and more. They’ve also added new code samples and tutorials for developers to get their feet wet with. You can find links to all the resources you need, including the SDK download, at the source link ahead. [HTC Blog]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Does anyone know of an application that uses these API’s?

    1. Considering the API SDK was just released I think we need to wait a bit for developers to come up with some apps.

  2. Why on earth restrict your applications to just one Android device?

    1. To use these APIs you don’t need to restrict it to one phone. You just code your program to have extra features if the APIs are available.

  3. HTC thanks for API SDK….now unlock the AT&T One X bootloader…..sheeez already!!!

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