Official Xbox Live app for Android now available, we go hands on [video]


An official Xbox Live app for Android has just been made available in the Google Play Store. While many have been forced to use third party options, such as Spark 360, to keep up with their Xbox Live account on the go, there will be much to get excited about for Microsoft’s official offering.

This app is no doubt the first step for them offering Xbox SmartGlass, a feature that’ll let you interact with your Xbox games and apps using your tablets and smartphones. While we won’t be able to take advantage of that functionality until next week, there are still some nice features to be had. For starters, the app allows you to message your friends via mobile.

You can ask someone to save a spot for you in a game lobby before you get to your console. You can also check on achievements, change your avatar, edit your profile, and track/compare your achievements. All the Spotlight feeds, like Gamer Spotlight, will be there, as well as other Xbox-related news. Take a look at our quick hands-on above and find it for yourself in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. ok this is sick. we need one for ps3 now

    1. fck yea ps3

  2. Looks like a well-made app. Thanks for the (very) quick overview.

    No offense, but have you considered cutting back on your caffeine intake? ;-)

    1. Lol I actually don’t drink coffee or many things with caffeine. I’m just naturally jittery and talk too fast. I’ve tried to slow myself down but before you know it, I’m sped up again.

      1. Fair enough. I’ve been accused of talking too fast, myself.

        In that case, how about rigging up a camera-stand? What with the shaky video, the rapid-fire finger poking and phone flipping, somebody’s going to get seasick. ;-)

  3. Sick!

  4. Awesome app. Very smooth

  5. Why doesn’t it have ICS style like they are demanding Google to make their apps with Metro style?

    1. because Google doesn’t force design elements upon it’s app devs

  6. Sony needs to come out with something like this just for rival purposes. I would love to have an Avatar and be able to follow and contact here and there social wise when it comes to gaming. I’m more of an PS3/Vita kind of gamer. I downloaded this app for the heck of it anyways though.

  7. How lame. no tablet support.

  8. one of the most beautiful and flawlessly executed apps I’ve ever seen. People rating 1 star for no tab support need to stop whining. This is a first release obviously meant for mobile only right off the bat. If they tried to make everything comoatible the first day nothing would work and you’d still be whining.

    1. Yes, lets forget about HOLO and ICS UI guides that they put out. Furthermore lets forget that you have been able to define layouts for quite some time now to support both phone and tab with the same app. Kind of a no brainer when it comes down to it.

      1. Seriously??? Still whining? have fun with that…

        1. Hmm maybe I should join you and get paid by microshaft.

    2. I hear ya Ian. It’s not possible to code everything right the first time, so give them time. Microsoft gets Kudos just for making this available on Android. Seems to be in line with their plans in becoming a major service hub on the internet.

  9. So as I’m downloading the app, my friend with an iPhone proceeds to tell me he’s had this app for a few days..I said eh..whatever isheep!

    Then as I’m logging in he sends me this!! He got a firmware update as I was logging in for the first time on this app, maybe 10mins ago est zone.. well he sent me two screenshots of what you will also find in this link..just easier to copy/paste the link rather then pics on my cell phandroid app.. but why does iPhone get a Microsoft app first if anything they should be the enemy way more than google!! Apple vs Microsoft dates way back to the early 90’s if not sooner soooo….

  10. I’m probably gonna get negative results from this but PS3 is crap!

  11. LOL @Apple vs Microsoft in the 90s. Noooooo.. Micro owned Apple back then.

    Also, the Spark360 dev is a great guy and I will continue to support him but I am glad to have an official Xbox app.

  12. Finally!!! This is something I’ve craved for quite sometime. Glad to see it in Play.

  13. Awesomeness!

  14. Hey Microsoft, how are those WinPho’s selling?

  15. Needs 3.2 or tablet support.

  16. HTC SENSATION XL ICS not signing in. anyone with same issue

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