Engient Introduces All New “Rigonauts” Gameplay Footage As I Throw My Money At My Screen, But Nothing Happens


In the spirit of Phandroid’s Developer Appreciation Month, I wanted to make sure you guys didn’t soon forget about one of the most promising looking indie titles soon to hit our Android devices — Rigonauts. Developer Engient has uploaded some all new gameplay footage of Rigonauts in its very pre-alpha stages, but gives us a candid look at what we can expect from the upcoming physics-based action puzzler. It’s a very simple level, but if the former trailer is any indication, things will heat up as the game progresses.

In case you’ve forgotten, gameplay involved building a rig that you will send into battle, firing cannons, and issuing orders to lead you into victory. The premise is simple: destroy everything in your path and if your rig is the last one standing, you’ve won that challenge. During the battle sequence, players have no direct control over the movement of their rig, instead observing and taking notes on exactly where they can improve their death machines next round.

Feel free to drop the small development team at Engient a line on their FacebookTwitter, or Google+ pages, or just keep up with the development of their upcoming game.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Very cool concept! How many people did it take to make this? I’m only curious since it is supposedly an Indie developer…

    1. All I know is it’s a very, very small staff.. Not sure exactly how big.

      1. That’s what she said? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

        1. Thanks… I just guffawed at work…. I hate myself that I laughed at that….

  2. Cannot find it on the Google Play from the at&t hTC One X…

    1. It’s not out yet. This is preview footage of what’s to come. Frankly it’s taking too damn long to release this and I will probably forget about it by the time it comes out…

      1. I wont let you forget O_o

        1. Forget what? ^_^

          1. Shoot, I forgot =/

          2. Lol, ok, I do come here every day so chances are you will remind me!

  3. I am now also throwing money at the screen!!! YAY!!!!

  4. Looks good for tablet; maybe a little too much going on for phone…

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