T-Mobile Galaxy Note Inches Ever Closer To Launch – Hits FCC, Demo Units Shipping To Stores


If we were to pick a single iPhone-killing Android device — the Samsung Galaxy Note would have to be it. For those on T-Mobile who’ve been waiting for this behemoth to arrive, we have another clue that its launch day is fast approaching. A leaked inventory check list reveals that the “Galaxy Note Navy Blue Demo” will soon be hitting T-Mobile retail stores and is another hint the device could make good on its rumored July 11th launch date.

What’s more, is the T-Mobile Note (SGH-T879) has just passed by the FCC yet again, packing an NFC integrated chip behind its battery cover (disabled on the AT&T version) pretty much identical to the international version, only with new radios. If Samsung can update this version with an upgraded Qualcomm S4 processor (although there hasn’t been any leaks to indicate them doing so), I’ll be going all-in when this device finally hits Magenta. Come to me, Note. My body is ready…

Even with a last generation Snapdragon, anyone still have their hearts set on the Note?

[PocketNow | TMoNews]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. This phone rocks. If I didn’t despise the crappy everything of AT&T, I would already have it

    1. What about…… you know, T-Mobile? O_o

      1. ha, word up @Gamercore:disqus

  2. Uh, the i717 DOES have NFC, AT&T disabled it on gingerbread.

    1. NFC works on my I717

      1. Same with mine, since I am on the CM9 KANG.

      2. Really! How it`s work on your GNote? I do have the i717 At&t note, but the NFC not working.

  3. I’ll be getting this phone in addition to the SGSIII only if Samsung updates the hardware and software – bigger, better battery, quad core exynos, HD screen, and ICS

  4. I hope it comes with ICS…

    1. I think that’s very possible. If not, I would imagine an OTA would be issued upon release.

      1. The leaked photos of the T-Mobile branded Note on tmonews showed ICS under the software version

  5. Damn…. I wanted it so bad months ago, now at this time I may have to take the sgs3…

  6. If, iwas still on T-mobile iwould be happy right now.

  7. chris chavez making random stuff up about the s4? pretty sure it would have been leaked ahead of time

    1. he was just saying “what if”, its possible considering how late they’ve released this.

      1. It’s more hope than anything…. blind, stupid hope =/

  8. Honestly, at THIS stage in the game, if it DIDN’T come with Ice Cream Sandwich, that would just be RETARDED

  9. Be honest guys. No matter whether it had ics or not, we are just gonna root and rom it anyways

  10. Hey Chris, is this Quentin editor going to be disciplined for glorifying Apple on an Android website??? Did you read the forum postings at all? He’s a writer on an Android website, and talking about iOS like that?!?!?

  11. If it’s released with the s3 and gb then I would wait for the note 2.

  12. Note or Galaxy S III?

    1. Depends on the processor..

    2. SIII definitely, 2GB RAM, S4 processor, need I say more? The note is too big anyway.

  13. darn! It NEEDS to have an S4 & ICS & decent price point to be a contender! With LTE & even the Note 2 imminent sometimes when embargos are placed on devices after awhile I would pass on the current model since the new model is around the corner . See how ALL major carriers got the S3 around same time frame, the same should be with this…..why wait & get sloppy seconds…I rather have the note two if the specs are not on par

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