Jun 9th, 2012

The weekend is always a good time to meditate. And if you are a tech geek like us, sudden thoughts of gadgets tend to come accross. (I seriously dream about this stuff often… but I work doing this). Regardless, today’s dilemma is about MHL adapters.

Recent news that Samsung’s old MHL adapter will not work with the shiny new Samsung Galaxy S3 just hit the inter webs. Due to a different pin layout, users will have to purchase a new accessory in order to mirror their device’s media and games to a TV. It is an inconvenience for some of you, but surely, it isn’t the end of the world.

After publishing the article, I started to wonder: Just how many of our readers really use an MHL adapter. To be honest, I have yet to see someone use one of these in a regular scenario (not testing it for a review). And I have never used one in my personal life.

There are many services and products out there that defeat the purpose of owning an MHL adapter. We can use services like Netflix and Hulu Plus for streaming movies from practically any device. Including some TVs, and if you don’t own a smart TV you can access these services with gaming consoles, Bluray players, computers, etc.

As for other media like music, images and games, I usually either don’t need to display it in a screen larger than a phone/tablet or don’t care enough to buy an accessory for it. One can also use Media servers like imediashare, Plex, PlayOn and aVia to stream personal content to a larger screen. So for the few times I would use such an accessory, I have an alternative way to take care of it, albeit not as convenient.

Let’s not forget about DLNA, as well, which is coming to many of the newest Android devices. Regardless, it seems like many times we can find a reason not to get one of these. And very few of our Twitter followers mentioned that they do, indeed, use an MHL adapter regularly.

On the other hand, some of you may really like them. You can literally just plug-and-play. No need to configure apps and networks, no necessary internet connection and a generally less confusing experience. But how many users actually fall in this category.

We would like to find out and decided to reach out to all of you and see what you think. Are MHL adapters a thing of the past? Do you own one? If so, do you use it regularly? Go ahead and participate in the poll and let us know what you think in the comment section!