Don’t try older Samsung MHL adapters with the Galaxy S3! It won’t work


Many of you have pre-ordered the US versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 by now, or already have an international version. And if you have been rocking an older Galaxy S device with the MHL adapter, it is important to note that the cable will not work with your shiny Galaxy S3.

Not that this is the biggest surprise, as new devices usually require new accessories. This minor inconvenience is due to a difference in the pin layout for Samsung’s flagship smartphone. We must consider that the Galaxy S3 is a beast of a device packed in a very sleek form-factor, so it probably isn’t Sammy’s purpose to simply snatch more cash from its customers.

The new accessory goes for about $30-$40. Retailers around the world are already selling it for the international version, so the new MHL connector will most definitely be at your carrier’s store once the phone is released. You can snatch it for a bit of extra cash if you like watching your content in the living room screen.

Beware, though, as reports state that this accessory doesn’t work well with 720p displays, even though it works like a charm with 1080p full HD TVs. If you would like to see the new adapter, you can check out Clove’s unboxing video right below.

[Via: Engadget]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Douche move by Samsung, they seem to be following the Apple business model.

    1. Did you even read about the new pin layout? I’d have to agree with Edgar that it probably was a necessary move technologically speaking, not in a business sense.

    2. How So?
      iPhone 4 And iPhone 4S Use The Same Accessories.. Hell Even The iPhone 3GS Use Some Of The Same Accessories.

      1. The iPhone 5 is rumored to not use the same pin setup for their chargers, so it looks like even apple is advancing their technology as time goes on.

        1. Advancing, yes. But this is not advancing. This is bullshit! I’d rather have micro hdmi

          1. Do you even realize how much more space you would need to add micro HDMI as opposed to just using the micro USB that has to be there anyway?

      2. I already have an adapter that works with my GS2 and galaxy nexus, if I get the S3 I have to buy another one for that specific phone, even though its the same micro USB port. So yea douche move. Apple is also changing their port, so their customers have to reinvest in their accessories as well. Id expect this from Apple, but not Samsung.

  2. Wow that’s terrible. I just got 2 for our SGS IIs. Glad that I’m not upgrading to the SGS III. You think that they finally settle on a standard and it changes in less than a year.

  3. Actually I consider its smarter to reduce the number of ports and make them as efficient as possible for reducing space and improving quality

    1. I agree, and that’s exactly what Samsung was most likely going for when they designed the phone.

  4. What about non-Samsung adapters?

  5. Will the new adapter work with the old phones. I assume not.

  6. so much hate just because of some adapter. all these people or most of them anyway that are bitching are the ones that werent gonna buy the s3 anyways. ” well i was gonna buy the s3 but now how could i, the 30$ adapter is simply a deal breaker” LMFAO!!!!

  7. Anyone know if Samsung is using the Silicon Image MHL 2.0 chip?
    That at least explain the change. Not sure why it involves a pin change though…

  8. Nope…according to ifixit, the SGSIII uses the SiI9244:
    so I don’t get the pin change. MHL is a standard…w/ standard pinouts…

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