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One of the most exciting rumors currently is the said release of a Nexus Tablet. This device is said to be manufactured by ASUS and have a 7-inch display and a Tegra 3 quad-core processor. All for an exhilarating price of $150-$250. Nothing is official yet, but a substantial amount of Android fans has been holding off on purchasing current tablets for this one. And if you need just a bit more reassurance, our friends from Android Authority claim to have it.

According to the mentioned site, an anonymous ASUS representative told them during Computex Taipei that the company is in fact working with Google to bring this tablet to the market. Furthermore, the representative mentions that said tablet will be coming by the end of June.

If this happens to be true, we are almost sure this will be one of the highlights of Google I/O this year. We will be there to get you all the juicy details, of course. But if this tablet does happen to be announced at Google I/O, this means that the biggest winner could be one of you.

If the Nexus Tablet is to be announced at Google’s developer conference, there is a high probability they will also be giving it away to attendees. Phandroid is giving away all of its Google I/O gifts; including Rob’s, Steve’s and Chris’ swag. So all of this geeky gear will end up in your hands, if you are lucky.

Another bit of good news from the ASUS ninja is also that they are in the works to bring the Padfone to the US. The source mentions that while “carriers hate it,” AT&T has been the only one to give it a green light. The process is said to be going slower than expected, so we might have to wait a while, though. For now, you can get it from third-party retailers for a very hefty price.

It seems interesting to think that carriers might hate such a unique device. But it becomes more clear as we think about the nature of its novelty. The ASUS Padfone is essentially both a smartphone and a tablet, meaning that users could be able to avoid tethering and tablet data fees. And we know carriers are not easily persuaded to give away their megabytes… or their money.

Remember these are still rumors, so take them with a grain of salt. It all seems very likely, though. We will just have to sit back and see how everything unfolds.

[Via: Android Community]

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