ASUS Padfone now available in the US for $860, includes Padfone Station


The ASUS Padfone is one of the most unique devices out there. Though its specs are nothing special among high-end devices, its multi-functional nature makes the smartphone/tablet very enticing. It is indeed a captivating offer. Many of us have been waiting for it to come to the US. If you are part of that group, it can now be yours for the good $859.50 that Negri Electronics sells it for.

This is the international, imported version. This usually means that the price will be much higher… and it is. But Negri Electronics is also throwing in the ASUS Padfone Station (tablet accessory), making it a much more reasonable deal than what it seems at first look.

“Asus Padfone Features 4.3-inch Super AMOLED qHD display, Snapdragon S4 with the new Adreno 225 GPU, and 8MP camera with LED flash and f/2.2 aperture, as well as 16GB of internal storage plus microSD slot, and comes with the Padfone Station, a 10.1″ tablet display; it has what we would expect from a modern high-end.” – Negri Electronics

You would be among the first to own the ASUS Padfone, so it might very well be worth it if you were already planning on getting it. If you are interested, just head over to Negri Electronics’ website and check out all the details. What do you guys say? Would you pocket out that amount of cash for a device that doubles as a phone and tablet?

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. uhhhh nooooooo

  2. Pretty lame….

  3. Nothing special??? That’s pretty much a One S T~T

    1. Well yeah… and that is what I mean to say – There are other phones like it. I am not trying to demean the ASUS Padfone. I simply mean that there are other devices already out with comparable specs. And that cost less.

  4. i would get one if I had that kind of money to drop.

  5. hahah if i was an IOS user. i would buy that. too bad i love android so anything above 500 is too much for me :D

  6. As an owner of the OG Transformer, I don’t need that part but do want the phone. I was on their site today and it won’t work for T-Mobile’s 4G so at this point it’s a no go. I’m really hoping Asus gets a US version available soon, not October like some places are reporting. I really want this phone because I’m betting Asus updates it in timely fashions like they do their tablets.

  7. Seems just a little too much for me. Especially since the Nexus Tablet is coming or the acer that is sub $200. That and a galaxy nexus would be 600……

    I will wait for the next generation when hopefully my laptop will need replacing :)

  8. It doesn’t have 3g bands for any US carriers, and otherwise I would get it.

  9. Shouldn’t it be cheaper than a full fledged tablet and phone?

  10. The lack of LTE, the late release date and high price point are seriously problematic, despite the novelty of the phone, tablet and laptop highbrid there’s not much of a point in buying a phone and partial tablet that doesn’t have high speed connectivity and last generation hardware for 800$ even if you’d save on your data plan. I really hope they produce an Asus Padfone for Windows 8 with LTE, S4 pro and bumps to screen technology, the integrated hardware concept makes a lot more sense on an OS that was practically tailor made for it.

    I would’ve picked this up in April and learned to live without LTE, but late Summer or early Fall with the Galaxy Note 2.0 and Nexus phones right around the corner kind of kill the buzz.

    1. My exact thoughts re a win8 Padfone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Asus announce that next after the Taichi and Transformer Book last week. I think the problem will be whether they can get a full processor in it, like the i7 like they have managed to get in the Transformer Book. Win8 running on an ARM chip might be a bit frustrating

  11. So true. I was very excited about it, but as it is, it cannot replace my laptop just yet.

    1. Tablets don’t really replace laptops unless you are OK with slimming down your capacity for productivity.

      1. Hmm.. I use my desktop for gaming, photoshop, etc. Laptop is mostly for Web browsing and document editing for me. When I go to the library or downtown, I always carry it with me (since I bought Note I don’t have to rely on it so much, but still).

  12. Good grief, they’d have to cut that price in half for me to bite.

  13. Yeah, can’t believe you didn’t mention at all what carrier it could be used on. Really glossed right on past a major issue with this!!!

  14. Verizon + quad core + NFC = SOLD.

  15. I was going to buy it because of VERIZON cutting out the unlimited data, but then i realized NO 4G…WTF? Someone mentioned this below, it doesn’t look like there are USA spectrum for Verizon 3G either.

    Am I missing something, why would ANYONE buy this? Price aside, you can’t use it for Verizon in the US, can you?

  16. The ASUS Padfone is finally shipping in the UK from http://www.mobi-city.co.uk if anyone is looking to purchase one.

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