Google Wallet updated with prepaid improvements, support for new form factors


Google Wallet has received a new update, though the changelog is a short one. Only two changes are listed, and they cover prepaid topup improvements and support for new device form factors. The latter may hint at more than what we see on the surface, but likely just relates to getting the app to look its best on Android devices large and small. We could read into it and examine the possibility that this may have something to do with the upcoming Nexus tablet, but it’s far too early for that sort of speculation. The latest version of Google Wallet is available now from Google Play.

Google Play Link: Google Wallet

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Too early for speculation? Google I/O is a scant 20 days a way! Now is the perfect time for speculation!

  2. So glad I have a galaxy nexus and can use this awesome software… Oh wait I have Verizon nexus aka not a nexus.

    1. Doesn’t mean you can’t use it. I do. Just install it from the market on the web.

      1. with i could but doesnt work for me… its shaded gray because i have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus

        1. By on the web, he means by using the browser instead of the app. I don’t have a Verizon Gnex but did they patch that workaround?

          1. I literally used it about 30 minutes ago to update to the new version. So… no. They haven’t “patched” the workaround. If it doesn’t work for you… not sure what to tell you.

        2. I’ve had it for a while now and I even get updates through the store. The work around should work. If you can’t figure it out then do what all genius people do….YouTube it. That’s how I got it to work.

        3. I have verizon GN as well. Been using GWallet for several months now. No issues. Just do a little homework on how to get it working. The whole point of a Nexus device is that you can always find a way around the obstacle. Its for people who don’t mind doing the work.

  3. Now announcing, Google Wallet on your Google TV! That’s right, just tap your TV and pay. It’s that easy! :P

    1. You jest, but what if a PayPass reader was built into a tv? When you see commercials for things, you could just tap, buy it and have it shipped direct to you. Most tv’s these days have wired and/or wireless connections anyway. It could work. [shrug]

      1. Way to kill the joke there. I was talking about whipping out a 46″ tv to pay for something silly like a burger at McD’s or drink from the BP. (Which is about the only places really embracing the Paypass idea so far anyway. And I use embrace very, very loosely.)

        1. He didn’t kill it – your joke just wasn’t that funny. And he actually made a constructive comment instead of your snark. You just seem to be in a bad mood. Have a great day!

          1. Snark? Uh, I don’t think you know what that means. And not everything in life needs to be a “constructive” comment. You must be a real hoot at parties.

          2. Every single one of your comments in this thread has been so combative. It’s clear you have a strong opinion and love to argue with people by nitpicking everything. And then you sarcastically say that I must be a real hoot at parties.

            I take it you don’t see any irony in that.

            On a separate note, sincerely, have a great day! Hope things turn around for you. Maybe put on Jackie Wilson’s Higher and Higher and dance a little.

          3. Every single? Exaggerate often do you? And it isn’t strong opinion. I can walk into any retailer here that accepts Google Wallet and make my payment faster by card than anyone here thinks they can with Wallet. Starting with a phone off and my card in my wallet in my pocket. That’s not opinion, that’s a fact dictated by the limits of the technologies involved. Don’t like it? Too bad.

    2. Comcast by me already had something like that. On HSN (the shopping channel) if you tuned to that channel, you can actually purchase what they are talking about on your tv, with a click of a button. Done. In the mail and charged. lmao.

  4. I’ve been using Wallet on my Nexus for a little over a month now, I think. I have to say it is a big pain in the neck! Sometimes, the terminals work, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the app works, sometimes it doesn’t. One time, the app lost all card info and had to be completely reset. Another time, cards would load but funds wouldn’t. Then there’s the whole issue with it taking longer to run the NFC payment than it does to just whip out and slide a card.

    1. Never had a problem.

      1. Well aren’t you special. In the end, are you really going to tell me though that it is faster to pay with your phone than with a card?

        Unless a lot of things change (getting more card companies on board, getting more stores to adopt and know what the paypass terminals are), Google Wallet will just be a gee-whiz novelty.

        1. Yes… actually it is faster to pay with my phone. I use it when I go to 7-Elevens and I’m always the fastest one in the line.

          1. There is no way that paying with your phone is quicker than swiping a card. There’s way too much dinking around involved with the phone.

          2. You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. I know what works for me. [shrug]

          3. Oh, so now you want to play that card. Odd, earlier you felt you had to chime in about how you never had a problem. (Which of course magically makes everyone else’s issues with this app disappear.) Fact is, I suspect if you were to actually time your card swipes and NFC uses, you’ll find over and over that the card swipe is faster.

          4. And again, you don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to.

          5. There’s nothing to believe. Your evidence you offer up is seriously flawed.

          6. And you have no counter-evidence to speak of. But ultimately, it’s a matter of preference, which you refuse to acknowledge.

            In any case, this discussion is no longer worth having, because it’s clear I’m not going to convince you and you’re not going to convince me, so let’s just mark this as “agree to disagree” and call it a day.

          7. Counter evidence? That’s easy. Take out a phone, wake it up, wake up the wallet app then tap or…. take out card and swipe. Pretty simple.

          8. Going google wallet from simply swiping a credit card is like going backward with technology. It ain’t working.

          9. Actually, it is faster. You don’t need to wait for a receipt. you get a receipt in app. You go to the terminal with your homescreen up. Tap terminal once, opens the app, select your paycard, tap again. Or just walk up with the app open to your paycard, tap once. Done and done. It’s totally awesome.

          10. I don’t have to wait for a receipt with my card either. And I don’t have to play around with screens and apps. Already, you’ve pointed out how slow and cumbersome the Wallet process is. (But if we were to mention receipts, the app receipt isn’t itemized which makes it pretty worthless as far as receipts go. Really, the whole thing isn’t all that well thought out.)

          11. Ok, you hate it. We get it.

          12. No, you don’t get it. I don’t hate it. I just think it has a long ways to go before it’ll be adopted by more than those just looking to play with some new toy.

          13. I click on my google wallet, put in my pin, tap the phone and transaction is done. Literally takes no more than 10 seconds if you include unlocking the screen. 5 seconds with unlocked screen.

            With a credit card, take out wallet, take out card, slide card, wait for the cashier to print out receipt. Sign receipt. Cashier may ask for ID. Cashier may want to see your card for the security # on the back. Its definitely more than 10 seconds even at its shortest route.

            If you drop both your phone and wallet, you risk losing your cash/credit card from your wallet a whole lot sooner than your phone.

          14. Odd, I don’t have to jump through all of those hoops with my card. I just pull it out of my pocket and swipe. It’s WAY quicker than all that messing around with the phone.

          15. I take phone from my shirt pocket and swipe, vs taking wallet out of pocket, opening wallet, getting card out then swiping it. You’re delusional.

          16. Ha! No, you’re leaving out a few steps of the wallet process there which makes you delusional. I’ll take anyone on in a cold from pocket phone versus card payment.

        2. I’ve been using my google wallet for the last 6 months. It is much faster than paying with cash. If I did both phone and wallet, the phone would have been done before the wallet is even out of my pocket.

          Are you sure your connection is not jacked? In the last 6 months, the only time I had an issue was when I went tried to use it in the basement level of one Macys. I had 1 bar in there and GWallet had trouble when I tried to transfer funds in. (I only keep $50 in my Gwallet at any given time and the transaction I was making was over $200). The slowest part of cash transaction is the cashier having to make change. GWallet is just obviously so much faster.

          Another win for google wallet is every now and then I take my wallet out only to realize I didn’t go to the ATM. In fact thats why I started using google wallet. It takes all of 15 seconds for me to make a transfer of $50 from my Amex card to my phone. And now I can get cash price for gas at my gas station but still get points on my Amex card.

          I have used it now in more than 2 dozen locations in northern CA. So maybe it has something to do with where you are located. But for me, no issues.

          1. I 100% agree with JamesS. using google wallet on my Galaxy Nexus is pain in the @ss, and often get nasty looks from the cashiers. I noticed simply swiping a credit car is much quicker, and many cashiers think I am an idiot and like to show off something that’s slower than the credit card.
            Google need to work on this much more, I don’t think google wallet will ever get popular if it is what it is today.

          2. This is the worst argument ever

          3. Cash?!? I don’t touch the stuff. It’s dirty. I’m talking cards. And no issue with my location. I can do anything else on my phone. It’s just Google Wallet is jacked up.

    2. As much as I love it when it works because of how cool it is, I agree that its a real pain when the terminal isn’t working.

      I’ve been using the MasterCard PayPass Locator app to report places where the terminal doesn’t work. I don’t know if it does any good, but its free so its worth a try. Hopefully they’ll contact the location (so far there’s been a McDonalds and a Rite Aid) and tell them to fix it.

  5. wallet is awesome. zero problems other than not supporting my amex card yet. It’s definitely faster than using a standard credit card.

    1. I’ll bet you I’m faster with my card than you are with your phone in a standard purchase at a location that takes Wallet.

      1. good for you mate, because this entire community is oh so interested in your awesome card swiping skills…

  6. I need help guys, I sideloaded the APK in December, just realized after reading this that I’ve never received an update. It doesn’t show up in my apps list in the store, so it could never update. How do I get updates?

    1. You’ll either need to find the updated APK or drop the current one you have and try to get the official one off of the market if your phone is now supported. I wouldn’t take any chances though and make sure you follow procedures as if you’re changing phones/roms as we found out weeks ago.

  7. Mine won’t initialize. on a galaxy nexus. so bummed

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