Google TV v 2.1.1 rolling out to Sony hardware, Logitech users should be next


The Google TV update to Honeycomb was a mixed blessing. The improved interface and access to Android applications and games also came with its fair share of bugs and glitches. A new update is now pushing to Sony’s Google TV hardware that should address some of these issues while adding even more functionality, including the ability to watch Google Play movie rentals and support for viewing videos at YouTube Movies. The new software will bring Sony’s TVs and BluRay player to Google TV v2.1.1.

Logitech Revue owners aren’t so lucky, but the Google TV team is promising some news on updates in the future. Whether this is a generic statement to tide over users or word that an update will actually be commencing shortly is anybody’s guess.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Wait, you couldn’t watch Google Play movie rentals on a Google TV before? Sometimes Google just leaves money on the table by leaving out features.

    1. You could, but only through the web browser (which is exactly how the Amazon Instant Video “app” works there).

      1. Could we please have a native app for both Amazon Instant Video and Google Play movies. I’m tired of flash crashes with HD content.

      2. That use to work, but now you get a “device not autherized” error.

  2. Knew I should have gone with Sony. Logitech has done nothing but disappoint me =[

    1. I know! I avoided Sony because I thought they would ruin it. Seems like they are the one company that is fully embracing it.

      1. It’s a sad day when Sony is the best bet.

  3. I wish that logitech would open the revue so that rom developers could do something with it since Logitech has pretty much abandoned the revue. I think it would be a much better device if we weren’t stuck with the firmware thats loaded on it.

    1. That would give me a great reason to break out the soldering iron and root the thing.

    2. Logitech needs to stay away from things that require software. Tried out a Harmony Link and was ASTONISHED at their lack of support for an expensive CLOSED SOURCE device. If they would just open it up so the community could take over, they would be saved.

  4. I love my Sony Google TV. My Logitech Revue however is garbage. The kids use it to watch Netflix and that is it.

    1. I use it every day to surf the internet, and stream TV shows, and you tube videos, basically what its meant to be used for. Its not garbage, its your preference. The revue is perfect.

  5. I won’t hold my breath. -logitech owner

  6. I’m ready to dump my Revue and get the new Sony GTV device that should be out soon. Love that new Sony remote with two sides.

  7. Woo hoo! I’m hoping this fixes the oddities with being able to scroll in some spots and not others. Now if they could just get more apps, that would be great.

  8. I would like to see 1 thing from google tv and that is the ability to stream my display and audio from any android device to it. That solves a lot of problems. If have hulu+ on my nexus, stream it to the big screen. If I have that same app on tablet then stream it. Want to play a video game stream it to my tv. This is the future and gtv becomes nothing but a connection to the tv for my android devices. Apple is doing this with their ipad3 and maybe 1. It’s pretty obvious move and has been for a while. DLNA is a joke when most content now is in the cloud somewhere. You either make all android apps available on GTV or you start streaming their display and audio. Apple will win this hands down if Google doesn’t pull it’s head out.

  9. Logitech is so butthurt they invested so much money into this and didn’t get the return they expected. They are having a pity party about it instead of driving the technology to something greater. Sigh.

  10. I would love to see Google TV explode into popularity. The major TV networks are probably still trying to figure out how they are going to make wads of cash. Traditional network TV is a dying breed and with most of the users on the internet are streaming heavy amounts of data. I believe a seamless integration of TV and the internet is a 3-10years away. These guys want to make money and keep the advertisements to pump revenue. Us users who use apple iOS products or Android dont want that crap. We want our data NOW, unedited, uncensored, and without ads. we steadily are hating traditional TV since they seem to want to ban our internet activities due to so called “Piracy”. The internet and the ability of most our smartphones, tablets, and laptops to bring us our data is something they fear. We can Jailbreak, root, or invent any app to copy what we want or pay for. Google TV flopped becuz they saw androids power to touch every base of different industries from Cloud services, to being an ISP in Kansas, to smartphones, to creating a new OS, a new Smartphone OS, Offering Books, Apps, and now with Google Fiber god knows what other industries they are gonna touch. Apple has had TV set on its sights since Apple TV, god knows if next week they unveil something truly mind blowing or revolutionary to really force Cable Providers, TV networks, and internet providers to jumpstart an evolution within those industries. What we see unveiled by Apple and Google over the next few weeks may change the prices of internet and TV to go higher or lower. but DATA is the key my friends and lots of it to stream, download, upload, or store…Remember ATT, and Verizon changed their pricing of data to reflect how we consume info…..we are consuming thru the internet, and some industries dont like it how much of it we consume and what we share and consume. Google and Apple have a battle to fight thru negotiations

  11. I must be missing something?!? I don’t see anything mentioned in the article on my TV after the update. I don’t see YouTube Movies or Google Play Movies and none of the quirks I’ve noticed are gone. Overall, this was a pointless update for me. (But it does introduce HBO Go onto the Sony TV.)

  12. I cannot wait for this to launch in the UK the new features were so needed too!

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