Pebble Blue Galaxy S III stock beginning to trickle into European retailers


Samsung promised to correct problems with the Samsung Galaxy Pebble Blue finish in a timely manner to reduce shipping delays and deliver plenty of stock to smartphone-hungry consumers. Most commentators didn’t think Sammy would be able to pull it off as quickly as they were quoting, but lo and behold some European retailers are receiving stock of the Pebble Blue GS3 to bolster their supply alongside the Marble White variant.

The Dutch branch of Carphone Warehouse, The Phone House, is listing the blue GS3 as available on their site. Other retailers reporting initial shipments of the color variant include Coolblue and Castle Telecom. Pre-order customers will be first in line to claim the phones. Stock is expected to trickle in slowly as Samsung continues to address the problem. Those waiting it out may have to give in and buy the white version if they are not the type to practice patience.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Don’t buy the Pebble Blue one, nobody likes it :P White version is sexy!

    1. Let me guess. You just bought a white one? ;-p

      1. No.. But nobody likes Pebble Blue LOL

        1. I *much* prefer the blue one but leaving aside unqualified opinions I’d be very interested to hear how you came upon your information.

          1. he just wants people to buy more white ones so he can get a blue one.

    2. It’d be hidden inside a case anyway… so all you’d see would be a little lip around the screen and other holes.

  2. So damn ugly! They should’ve done a black as well.

  3. I think the pebble blue one AWESOME because black is boring and I’ve been doing with for like 2 + years now so kinda over it. I wish they would have done white back and sides with the black screen n bezel like the HTC ONE X. On the other hand I may just wait for the red one being I’m with AT&T.

    1. I’ve been doing black phones for the last ten years and I’d still never buy this ugly ass phone. Now red would be cool. Ferarri red would be awesome!

  4. I’ve heard it’s not blue anymore, it’s some didgy black,gray colour … If it not blue as advertised my phone provider will be having it back …

  5. Just hope we Indian users don’t have to wait long for Pebble Blue.

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