Google posts system image for Galaxy Nexus LTE IMM76K build


Google has posted the system image of the latest Android 4.0.4 build for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, specifically Verizon’s LTE variant. Build IMM76K is now available for download and should be useful for restoring a device to its factory settings should any problems arise, whether brought about intentionally or unintentionally. Google has branched off the code for CDMA Nexus devices from that which is featured on their official developer support page, but, as promised, will continue to support all Nexus devices via the official channels.

[Google via DroidLife]

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  1. Just got my ota update today lost root but dam the radios switch so much faster

    1. That’s weird that you say that. I’ve had my update for 3 full days now and I’ve noticed zero improvement in switching or reception. :(

    2. i received the update 4 days ago, and today was the first time I kept 4G on. I didn’t notice any drop from 4G to 3G, unlike before, when I would stay on 3G and still have a dead phone by 3pm. This time, my phone lasted me the whole day (it was down to 3% by 6pm). Pretty darn good for stock battery.

      1. I noticed some improved 4G signal sitting at my desk at work, but as soon as I venture to another part of the office, it falls back to 3G.

  2. Its mainly after a phone call it would take a couple minutes to reconnect to 3g but now its almost instant

  3. If someone bricked Google Wallet NFC Security by doing a reset to factory settings, would this fix it? I’m not in that boat, but I’m curious if this is an attempt by Google to help those folks out.

  4. No I don’t think it would the only way I’ve seen that works is with a backup of your rom before the problem

  5. Nice, went from no 4g in home to 3 bars of solid speedy 4g and best of all did not know that the upgrade had been applied, just happened to see the 4g up there and was pleased to find out it was not a temporary fluke. Now the best phone title is justified

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