Jun 2nd, 2012 publishUpdated   Mar 8th, 2016, 2:47 pm

Let’s kick off the weekend with a wee bit of good news, shall we? Google has updated the Android distribution chart, and ICS is now on 7.1% of all devices (up from 4.9% previously). Gingerbread continues its dominance at over 65%.

While the snail-like pace at which the numbers are rising does leave a lot to be desired, we must remember that a majority of the devices that were on Gingerbread don’t have the hardware capability to run ICS. Passing a stripped-down version of ICS could in fact cause devices to perform poorer than before, which no user would want.

That’s not to say I’m OK with the amount of time taken to update the phones that are capable of running the OS. Or in some cases (looking at you, Sammy boy) the complete ignorance of a once flagship device. But the numbers will rise substantially in the second half of the year as more and more devices running ICS out of the box hit the shelves. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S III alone should result in a massive boost by about mid-July.

[via Android Police]

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