The Evo has landed


And some more good news, folks. Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G LTE has finally hit stores across the country, and you can pick one up (or order one online) for $199 with a new contract agreement. The phone looks like an absolute beauty, and I’m one of those that loves the kickstand. It’s kind of sad we don’t get such an option overseas.

How many of you are looking forward to getting this phone, even before seeing what Samsung has in store with the S III’s Sprint variant?

[via Sprint]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. One of the best if not the best device released this year. SG III is fine but the new EVO is epic.

    1. True, that. I’d have picked up the One X in a heartbeat only if it had a removable battery. That is unfortunately a deal-breaker for me.

      1. Just carry a $25 battery pack in your pocket on days you know you are going to be doing heavy usage. It’s not much larger than a battery, it’s easier to charger, and it provides another complete full charge.

        1. It’s not about the battery life itself, I tend to flash quite a few ROMs, and having the option to pull the battery is very much needed at times.

          1. I am able to do a hard powerdown from the white HBOOT screen by holding POWER + VOL-UP + VOL-DOWN together for about 10 seconds. This sequence also works post-ROM load as well, so I think you should be able to use this to simulate a battery pull when you accidentally flash a AOSP kernel onto a Sense ROM ;)

          2. correction: it’s just the power button that you need to hold down.

          3. If I’m not mistaken, electronic devices without an option for a hard cut off to the power simply don’t get made, so perhaps theres a way to do it that we just don’t know about

  2. Where….every single store I call still says they have no idea when they are receiving any…

    1. most people at the stores don’t know anything..

  3. Samsung with a kick stand equal cool!

    1. Samsung with a kick stand??

    2. I think you’ve got your phones mixed up.

  4. I couldn’t wait and got the GNexus instead! But the new Evo sure is pretty!

    1. I feel ya on that one, I also recently picked up a GNex, still waiting for it in the mail. But I needed a change up from HTC and since I’ve already tried in the One X I’ll hold off on the LTEvo and play with pure Google for a while.

      1. You will be happy with the GNexus! its an awesome phone!!

  5. Good bye EVO 3D… I’m on to the EVO LTE…Can’t wait to pick mine up!

  6. So in a year and a half; just as you are trading this in, Sprint might have LTE lit in your area. IF you live in a big town.

    1. Someone has a positive ID for LTE in Houston somewhere as of a few days ago

    2. and there are millions who never got WiMAX, or those who did get it but saw it drop to consistent speeds in the 1.5 mbps range…. so those of us aren’t really missing much by upgrading to the vastly superior handset

  7. Well I got the Evo but now that I got it it’s not all that exciting…. Well I’ll have the FAll as well glad I’m a sprint rep……bask in all the glory of that

  8. Beautiful phone! The best phone out there, on the worst network out there:(

  9. Once you get your hands on it you won’t regret it

  10. I will be hanging on to my WiMAX Evo until a quad-core Tegra 3 phone is in the marketplace.

  11. I just got my new Evo, it is the best phone ever, hands down.

  12. I love the phone. The balance of power and beauty and the fact that the new battery might just give me more staying power through the day.

    Sad part is, its CDMA and we cannot get it overseas…So this one will never be mine.

  13. Best phone in the world hands down the EVO is back

  14. The front looks good, the back is hideous with 3 different tones wtf were they thinkin, SGS3 beats anything on the market period

    1. gs3 n EVO are hardly different. removable battery vs non removable battery, same processor same sizish screen, both good cameras. it rely comes down to personal preference

  15. Got 2 yesterday its a great phone

  16. Just received and activated my two Evo 4G LTE’s (replacing mine and my wife’s EVO 4G’s). Only had it one day, but I am very impressed. The screen is amazing, build quality is great, very thin and really quick. Didn’t like the look of the S3 as much and read some sketchy things about the radios. No regrets here.

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