Quick Fathers Day Gifts: Samsung 32GB Class 10 Micro SD $30, 5,000mAh Portable Battery $25 [Deals]


You can never have too many SD cards, right? Well, eBay’s Daily Deals page has not only a great priced 32GB class 10 micro SD card ($30), but a nice 5,000mAh portable battery charger as well ($25).

The card is an official Samsung manufactured SD card (part no. MB-MSBGA/US), so, no worries on receiving a counterfeit. The portable battery charger has a 5 star rating from Amazon and features dual high-output 1A and 2.1A ports. That means this will not only charge your phone or tablet quickly, but simultaneously as well. The only downside I found is you’ll need a mini USB cable to charge the portable battery, which means an extra cable to carry around in addition to the micro USB cable you have for your phone.

With Father’s Day only around the corner, either item (or both) would make a great gift for the techie dad in your life. Just hurry before they sell out.

[32GB Micro SD Card | 5,000mAh Portable Battery]

Chris Chavez
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  1. gimmie dat

  2. 32GB class 10 microSD card would be great to expand the memory on my Galaxy Nexus…. hey, waita minute!!! :P

  3. CONUS only. boo-urns.

      1. both only ship within the continental USA. problematic for anyone outside that.

      2. Contiguous United States – the lower 48, iow.

  4. Bought a memory card for my future GS3!

  5. For the same price, you can get an even faster 32GB micro sd card + free shipping. I got this a few days ago and I think it’s a better deal than the one listed above:

    1. What’s the R/W speed on “UHS Speed Class 1”???

      1. I believe it is 50 MB/s but I’ve seen this one I linked to perform at around 56 MB/s.

        Basically five times faster than the one in your article and for the same price. =P

        1. Promo code is invalid =(

          Oh, and people in that thread are saying the Samsung class 10 is actually faster than the one you linked.. O_o

          1. There’s always plan B:

            And they’re probably just saying that because they thing Class 10 > Class 1 but they ignore that it is UHS instead of regular. T_T

    2. Class 1?! What the heck???

      1. It’s UHS (Ultra High Speed) not the regular.
        In this case, UHS Class 1 > Regular Class 10.
        (At least 5x faster)

  6. Been wanting to upgrade my microSD card for a while now, perfect time to do so! Got mine ordered. Should go well with my Samsung Galaxy S3

  7. whoa i just woke up a little bit to order 2 of these babies!

  8. Would it be ok to use the 2.1amp to charge a phone?

  9. Waiting for a 64GB MSD card…cant be too far off

  10. a polaroid 32gbC10 microSD was on sale at amazon for $20 yesterday, jussayin’

  11. Father’s day gift!? More lyk a gift for myself. This isn’t a deal. This is a steal. =.P

    My gosh!! I can get this battery instead of the Power Bag. Yes!!
    Just bought both of these!! Can’t wait. Now my phone won’t die. =.P

  12. Is the samsung faster than the lexar class 10

  13. Has anyone who ordered this, received theirs yet? I am still waiting, and the useless USPS “tracking” system still only says they have “received the shipping information”. I am getting just a little concerned. It is supposedly coming from New Jersey, which is usually only a couple of days away by USPS. I emailed Beach Camera customer service last night and am waiting to hear back. No rush really since it is going in my GS3 which will not be here until June 21st (or later if “sue happy” Apple has their way), but I do want to get it eventually. ;-)

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