ZTE Athena Steals “World’s Thinnest Smartphone” Title – Boasts Impressive Specs As Well


We all saw this coming. Seems the Oppo Finder — who recently took the crown for building the world’s thinnest smartphone — has just had their precious marketing buzzword taken away by Chinese smartphone maker ZTE. Only a few short days ago we told you guys about the Oppo Finder and its thin 6.65mm frame that snatched the former “world’s thinnest smartphone” title from the Huawei Ascend P1 S, besting it by a mere .03mm.

Now, just before it’s June 6th release, the Oppo Finder finds itself blindsided by the 6.2mm thick ZTE Athena. Ouch. A few leaked images have popped up online courtesy of ZTE’s end-market strategy director’s blog, showing off its slim profile and multiple color options.

Hardware specs are said to include a 720p display, Cortex-A15 processor (no word on the amount of cores), 64GB of internal storage and all running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

No word on pricing or availability just yet. Where the Oppo Finder didn’t have much hope at leaving its homeland of China, ZTE has been known to release devices globally, which means there’s a chance — however slim (har, har) — we could see it hit the states sometime in the near future.

[Weibo | Via Engadget]

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  1. Enough with the super slim phones! Give me a bigger battery!

    1. Yeah… Every Android manufacturer should start emulating Motorola by packing more battery in their phones.

    2. EXACTLY! So tired of Chitty battery!

  2. Wow. Way to go ZTE

  3. Hmm wonder if that will be a true A15 cpu or will it be more like the qualcomm S4 that isnt a true A15 but is still better then the A9 chips.

  4. 64gb is impressive, but I still want to use my sd card.

  5. I could care less how “thin” a smartphone is!! I prefer my celly with a little more “meat on her bones”. It’s easier to hold onto, she’ll last longer (because there’s more room for a larger battery) and less likely to snap in half if I’m too hard on her (ie: I accidently sit on it while it’s still in my back pocket) Overall, just more cushion for the pushin if you will!

  6. Impressive specs but battery power is what we need right now. It’s 2012 for goodness sakes let’s work on power..

  7. Wtf is with these terrible images? Turn off the damn filters, put away the instagram, and give me a real image showing how thin it is.

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