Google Glass Shows Up In Another Interview – Gives Us First Look At Touchpad Navigation


Google co-founder Sergey Brin paid a little visit to The Gavin Newsom Show this past week, wearing the now famous Google Glass spectacles. During the hour long interview, which airs this Friday on Current TV, Sergey Brin talks about the 3 year long Google Glass project, as well as his new role with the Google X division and his active role with the research and development team. This is also the first time we get a little better idea of how Google Glass is navigated with Sergey directing Newsom to not touch the “pad on the side.” Yup, looks like the specs have a built in touchpad, controlled by gesture swipes.

In a rare event, Sergey was actually generous enough to let someone else try on the spectacles, gracing Mr. Newsom with the rare opportunity test them for himself. Gavin Newsom — who closely resembles an 80’s action villain — questioned the functionality of Google Glass, but just like a doubting Thomas, his eyes were opened after seeing, only for brief moment, the world through Google’s eyes.

Newsom would later say how impressed he was with the image quality of the tiny display, saying that the “image was remarkably clear,” and that the headset was “a heck of a lot further along than people have imagined.”

So just when can we expect the revolutionary glasses to launch? Brin said he had some hopes that Google Glass will debut next year, however minute. You can watch the short clip from the interview below, meanwhile, I’ll be taking a cold shower…


Chris Chavez
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  1. That’s different that what I thought. I was thinking gesture controls, but the pad works too. I was hoping the release date would be sooner than next year; more like around Google I/O time.

    1. Seems like they’re just barely testing it now. Too soon for Google I/O (although I still have my hopes).

      Next year around the fall makes sense. That gives them enough time to start mass producing them and giving them out to developers for next I/O.

      1. That makes sense. Hopefully I/O attendees will get to at least test them. #WishfulThinking

        1. I’m thinking they’ll have them at a few booths? The coolest part about I/O is that all the Googlers, even Brin and Vic, hang out with all the peoples. I’m determined to let me try on their Glass :D

    2. Yeah, I wasn’t excited about having to bob my head around like a pigeon in order to use the Glass. This looks a lot more natural and intuitive.

      1. I don’t care. I wont get it if it has a pentile display!

        (clueless Android fanboy)

        1. hopefully that touch pad is capacitive… GTFO resistive! (giggles)

  2. I really can’t wait for these

  3. please do come out next year, and please be able to be synced up with android devices..

    1. Hopefully the second point is a given!

  4. I don’t really understand why they wouldn’t incorporate the gesture recognition type software, or some form of it, that is being used on like the Kinect. They could have a virtual keyboard/keypad/menu/etc. with that.
    At least in my feeble little brain it would work. ;)

  5. Hopefully they come out with a left sided design for those of us who are blind in the right eye.

    1. more than likely they will, but not for that reason. since everything is all on one component they will need to have a lefty version or else southpaws will have a hard time using it.

  6. He had a Galaxy Nexus (snicker) :)

    1. Why is that funny? A google big wig owning the latest nexus device?

      1. i think what he was expecting was a new unreleased nexus device.

  7. It looks like Google is being more aggressive with showing their prototypes to the public more as a means to keep Apples patent lawyers at bay rather than the idea of launching them to the public. They showed the product, and filed for a patent. Now there is no way another company can sue them for this technology.

  8. i wonder if they thought about using a Microsoft Kinetic motion to control the screen. i would see that more intriguing that a capacitive touch

  9. Getting my geek on. I WANT!!!

  10. I like have the attitude “duh well those glasses dont look cool so lets not even to r & d” or “no one wants these right now” and i also like how they dont laugh at new ideas. Thats what puts them in the front of the pack. Other companies need to get past whatever that attitude is. Whatever causes it needs to be changed

  11. I cant wait for the day Apple reveals the new magical iglass, and sues everyone who makes Google glasses and the isheeps defend apple’s actions saying Apple did it first.

  12. Shut up and take my money!!

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