Motorola Lapdock Now Only $50 At Verizon Wireless (Providing You Can Find It In-Store)


We’ve seen the Motorola Droid Bionic Lapdock pop up in a few daily deals sites last month, but if waited until the day after, you were out of luck. Back then it showed up for the low price of $80 and if you thought that was hard to pass up, the price has been lowered yet again, this time down to an even more reasonable $50.

The only problem? Finding a unit. Attempting to purchase online from Verizon Wireless will greet you with nothing more than an “out of stock” notice, although some bargain-hunters have been having better luck snatching them up from Verizon corporate retail stores, where they can be found carrying the same $50 price-tag. Again, providing they too aren’t out of stock. Good luck!

Thanks, Urphonesux!

[Verizon Wireless]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Is there a hack for the razr, ill go hunt one down

    1. I remember seeing a mod somewhere online.. I could be totally wrong though O_o

  2. Glad I payed $300 when they first released the phone, 8 months ago.

    1. Ouch.

  3. To JOHNGI:

    You don’t need a hack for the RAZR to work w/the BIONIC LAPDOCK.
    The ATRIX2,BIONIC,PHOTON, DROID RAZR, all have the same USB/HDMI port configuration & will work w/this dock.
    The DROID 4 & RAZR MAXX also share this port configuration,but, I’m not sure they’ll fit due to the thickness of these devices. (cables are available from various sources to get around this, if necessary).

    The only webtop-enabled phone that is different from the rest as port configuration goes is the original ATRIX 4G, whose ports are flipped 180° & do not line up w/the BIONIC LAPDOCK,&only fits on the original ATRIX LAPDOCK.

  4. You know how many phone’s and tablets were bought by me because of the deals posted on phandroid and phonedog lol. You guys are breaking the bank.

    1. I bought the white Galaxy Nexus on impulse. Lol T’was a good decision though :)

  5. every time i see [something] by verizon i automatically discard it as junk. cdma is just not as useful as GSM becauseof the sim card

    1. too bad LTE devices have sim cards and will be able to (some already) jump on gsm networks soon

      1. Can u explain that more ?

          1. Wouldnt this just mean a dual cdma/gsm phone ?

      2. Not sure why you believe that a sim card makes chameleons of radios. Too bad cdma radios don’t work for gsm.

        1. don’t think we are having the same conversation. global devices exist with multiple radios.

          1. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :)

  6. i just bought 3. My local store in Westminster Colorado still has 13 in stock. It works for my wife’s x2 (no webtop) and my brothers razr. I got the 3rd for when I get a Razr HD maxx. There is a lot of room in the dock so I think almost any newer moto phone will work for it.

  7. I went to 2 Verizon corporate stores and even called customer service, they said they have no clue about this deal?! Please help, I want to get one especially at this price.

  8. Just snagged 2 from a vzw store in Apex NC. They had 3 in stock, so got one for myself. an?
    d one for the Mrs. we’re both running Droid 4s and so far this thing is just what I was hoping it would be.
    Is this a Moto-only dock? Will it work with a Samsung Galaxy S2

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