This is why the Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III is delayed


Ladies and Gentlemen, the reason the Samsung Galaxy S III in Pebble Blue has been delayed two to three weeks. We had heard Samsung somehow botched the paint job, but now we have visual confirmation of the problem. A European mobile blog received an early version of the device and and pictures clearly show a splotchy white tinge to the finish. Hopefully they figure out the issue and get the phone back on track, or we might be expecting some serious delays with a much more limited supply of GS3s on the market.

[MobileBulgaria via DroidLife]

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  1. one of the biggest smartphone launches of the year, delayed not by
    software, hardware, even shipping problems.. just a splotch? get it
    together Samsung -__-

    1. careful man, you get hated on for bashing samsung ’round these parts. but i totally agree with you.

      1. Oh yeah phandroid is a sammy site. Want to bash Samsung head over to DL.

        1. We love all Android’s ’round here :)

          1. Haha I know. It was just funny to notice when the SGS3 came out the different opinions from the commentors on the different sites. I was one of the first to comment about it and got down voted to death here.

            Still like phandroid best though!

          2. oh you too? Last week i said something about samsungs quality, and got -20 haha. I was more impressed than mad.

          3. Hahaha! I mean it’s cool that people support their phones, but it’s almost like they look past the flaws. There is no perfect phone out there. Even the one in my pocket (which I think is the best currently out) has a few drawbacks.

          4. One of the things I hate most about iPhone fanboys is how they’ll blatantly ignore flaws and pretend like they’re not issues. Now, you’re seeing that with Android too. One of the things I like most about Android is how if I have a bad experience with one manufacturer, I’ll just move to the next one and I don’t have to pretend like my phone is flawless because it’s not.

    2. well, people care about aesthetics more than a functional product so it makes sense. At least someone in QA caught it before it was shipped out.

    3. Hey at least their taking care of the problem before release instead of giving everyone a faulty device and telling them they are using it wrong

  2. At least they’re not going to be stuck in customs because of those idiots at Apple..

    1. If you knew anything about anything, HTC’s One X got delayed because of some bullshit claim Apple made against them.

  3. How about you get them shipped out and then offer replacement backs?

    1. shipping twice and bad media coverage?

  4. They should’ve just said the splotches were inspired by nature

    1. sounds like something apple would come up with

      1. It’s not a defect, you’re looking at it wrong.

        1. Samsung should just sell them as is and quietly offer free replacement covers while sticking with Toby’s brilliant PR statement.

  5. Aww skeet

  6. Wishing they would have went with a black or gun metal color. Looks like I would get a white one if I end up going with the GS3. Seeing one in person may change my mind.

    1. Black or gun metal would definitely be better.. I guess that isn’t “natural” enough smh… Mann F*ck Nature! It’s a damn phone!

  7. If you see a splotch….you’re holding it wrong.

  8. Why? Cause its ugly?

  9. Oh well, the white one looks better anyway!

  10. Quality control, the downside to cheap labor (i.e., manufacturing in China).

  11. Samsung build quality, lol!

    1. sub par cameras, shitty radios, piss poor battery life, touchwiz, and now faulty paint… nice work Samsung!

      1. oh and pentile displays, good luck with this one…

    2. jealous much?

      1. not at all my HTC is great

        1. and the truth comes out. htc? go figure.

  12. Just looks like someone got excited at seeing it.

  13. A black version would be nice… I still prefer the look of black phones.

  14. Someone is recently unemployed!

  15. Samsung, where we put the S in Sh*t.

  16. Ironically this is also what did Bill Clinton in.

  17. haha its delayed cuz apple is gonna sue them because they think they patented white stuff.

    1. No, Samsung had to delay the shipping and fix the problem because Apple has the patent on ignoring issues. Bah-dum-dum-cha!

  18. Easy fix. Also easy to screw up a custom finish like that. Anything in the application or the drying ever so slight can not be seen until the final inspection and with a funky finish like that it is very hard to pick up under different light conditions. Maybe sell after market battery doors for the over sized battery. If they are going to sell over sized battery maybe throw one iin with the screwed up stock one and I would be happy I think. I just want my blue pre ordered 32gb SGS3 as soon as possible. Love that damn phone.

  19. hm. I guess it would cost too much to just ship them now and give them a replacement one later?

  20. I don’t see the problem apart from people not getting it in their hands as originally planned. Back when the S1 & S2 came out, people were screaming for white variants. Honestly if a white version is offered instead, id take it. But it all comes down to personal preference I guess. And at least these devices with the paint defect didn’t hit shelves, were purchased and unboxed only to disappoint the new owner! Can you imagine if the phone was released and samsung just came out with some band aid fix? They would get ridiculed something fierce for it! Id prefer it delayed and rectified properly. None of this free phone case to mask the real issue BS! And honestly those crying foul, now hating on Samsung because of the delay just chill………..its just a phone, a nice one nonetheless :-)

  21. dont think thats a spalsh of paint…

    think the workers even inside Samsung got a little excited themselves..

  22. It’s ok, you’re just looking at it wrong. Your phone should be held at a minimum of 3 feet from your face when turned around, so that it’s not noticeable. And remember not to hold it up to your face as not to see the pentile sub-pattern.

  23. An artificial bottleneck to increase demand… white iPhone 4 anyone?

  24. What about the Wireless charging back cover?
    They could sell those phones with a slight discount for those that don’t mind…

    A least they should sell or offer the defective back covers for later replacement ;)

  25. I be happily enjoying my HTC One X. No problems yet (touch wood), and really enjoy the extra visual touches tegra brings to some games. The SIII looks great, but Samsung customer service in Thailand leaves a lot to be desired. My Galaxy Nexus got a cracked screen. Took Sammy 3 weeks to fix. Upon getting the phone back it endlessly rebooted before I even left the store. They said it was a hardware issue. Another 5 weeks later and my Nexus still isn’t ready.

  26. Seriously? Who cares? I’m going to cover it with a case anyway. :-)

    1. I was just thinking the same thing. They should sell some of them anyway for those of us that use a case. Clears some inventory while making money and giving people another option.

  27. Ubuntu 5.04 had the tagline “Linux for Human beings”. I guess sammy got inspired by that.

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