Samsung Xperia Ion flashes AT&T LTE at the FCC


The Sony Xperia Ion was announced at the beginning of the year, but entering the halfway point of 2012 we still don’t have a solid release date. Signs point to June, and a trip the halls of the FCC further suggests a release next month. AT&T LTE is here with support for the 700MHz and 1700MHz bands. 3G support is present for AT&T’s standard 850MHz and 1900MHz bands, but a 1700MHz allotment is a bit of an anomaly. That frequency is typical to T-Mobile, but likely has little to do with the two carriers’ failed merger attempt. The label says Sony Ericsson, and this will likely be one of the last releases to feature the branding.

[FCC via Engadget]

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  1. This isnt a samsung device

  2. I think you mean Sony not Samsung..

  3. would anyone get this over the galaxy s3 or one x?

    1. I would for sure

      1. can you explain why? I’m trying to make sure I get the right phone since I’ll be stuck with it for over a year.

        1. You could check out the specs on gsmarena. I know that the s3 tops the one x hardware wise but it also depends on the contract you’re looking for.

  4. Why is it samsung Xperia Ion? SE or SOny?

  5. You might want to fix the title buddy

  6. Do you guys even read your own articles, seriously???!!! According to your website, article has been up since 5.40pm and it’s now 7.45pm EST on my end.
    Hate being picky, but the written quality of this website is begining to worry me.

  7. I hope they release it soon during the first week of JUNE I’ve been holding my upgrade since i saw it AT CES

  8. Guess my Samsung Xperia Arc is outdated now.

  9. I like how people have been pointing out the same mistake for the past several hours.
    Anyway, my local newspaper does the same thing with their online articles. Wrong words, multiple words with no spaces, I’m not wondering if anybody proofreads their articles anymore. Guess we tend to rely on spell check too much.

  10. Samsung Xperia Ion?

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