Samsung unveils Chromebox and new Series 5 Chromebook


Samsung and Google have a new round of Chrome-powered devices headed our way, complete with a revamped UI. The Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook and Chromebox deploy Intel CPUs to provide close to three times the power as the initial run of Chrome hardware. The Chromebook can boot in seven seconds flat.

The Series 5 Chromebook features a 12.1-inch display, 4GB RAM, WiFi and 3G, an HD camera and HDMI/DVI/VGA outpouts. It’s price is a bit higher than older models at $449. The Chromebox offers a desktop experience and features a similar array of outputs as the Chromebook as well as WiFi, 4GB RAM, Bluetooth 3.0 and six USB ports.

The real draw here is Google’s new take on Chrome OS that moves the the operating system from a single browser to a more traditional windowed experience based around the Chrome web browser. Separate windows and web apps can run simultaneously while cloud connectivity and Google Drive offer an experience with heavy emphasis on the web.

The new devices are available today from online retailers in the US and UK and will be coming to other countries soon.

[Chrome Blog via Chromespot]

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  1. That looks a lot better than before!

  2. I’d love to have one of those to replace my aging laptop! I pretty much use it for just browsing online anyway, but it can often be slow and it lags like crazy when something is trying to update in the background.

  3. Google has really drop the ball on the chromebook. The software is great the only missing piece is drive integration. The problem is getting in bed with Intel. Being stuck on severely underpowered atoms made the first gen models suck. The new models are overpriced and battery life suffers. The amd e-300 would’ve been perfect. I love my cr48 but I can’t see myself buying a new one anytime soon.

    1. I would prefer the new Exynos 5250 with Cortex A15 and Mali T604. It should be more powerful CPU wise, and close enough GPU wise, but with much better battery life, and cheaper.

      Drive integration is coming with Chrome 20 in 5-6 weeks, but they probably should’ve waited for it.

  4. way better then before but im still not sold on the idea, maybe a year or so more till they get it all together.

  5. “Chrome device updates itself”, my original chromebook hasn’t been updated since last year. When do i get this better UI???

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