LG introduces 5 inch 1080p display


“Is that a TV in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” That’s the line some of you might be hearing if LG’s newly-revealed display technology ends up in phones. They’ve introduced a 5 inch AH-IPS display that can push out a 1080p image. 1080p is the standard “full HD” resolution that you’ll find on televisions, laptops, tablets, monitors, and more.

Most people think the 5-5.5 inches range is the border for the difference between a phone and a tablet, especially after the advent of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Not only does this display have the highest resolution than any we’ve seen in this size range, it also has the highest pixel density count at 440ppi. That’s just insane. I’ll just end this by saying I definitely want my next phone to have one of these. [via Pocket-Lint]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Lg will find a way to ruin this with their wanna-be touchwiz UI

    1. I don’t know what is more sad, the fact that they want to be touchwiz, or the fact that they can’t emulate it properly, Touchwiz is horrible, doesn’t even do basic things like folders any better than Gingerbread’s stock launcher. I just tried the SGS3 Touchwiz version on my SGS2 and it’s pretty lame, Apex, Nova or the stock ICS launchers are all so much better.

      1. I agree TW is ugly, but I don’t get all the complaints when you can just throw another launcher on the phone. Root it and uninstall TW all together.

        1. I’m not complaining, manufacturer skins don’t really have much effect on me as I usaully root and install a de – (touchwiz,sense,blue) rom and go with a better 3rd party launcher, it’s just sad that someone would try to emulate touchwiz :)

        2. a lot of people don’t root, so throwing a launcher on top, at least for older phones, used to lag things up a bit. I cant speak for these new phones, but i know that was an issue in the past.

          1. Yeah, running a launcher on top of another one always lags things up a bit, from a performance perspective it’s much better to run a custom rom if your going to run a 3rd party launcher.

            That said on newer phones you are starting to see less lag, I really which manufacturers would allow you to disable their launcher when you install a 3rd party launcher, it really wouldn’t cost them anything.

        3. You can’t uninstall a ROM. And there’s nothing like stock support…

  2. This is good news. Why? Because if one manufacturer makes 1080p the standard then others will follow. So this in addition to the announcement that Samsung is planning devices with 2GB of Ram… I foresee next year’s lineup of phones to be a brand new breed of quad-core Jellybean super-phones.

  3. I want.

  4. Maybe LG will implement this screen as their Nexus phone with JB. That is if they are one of five manufacturers chosen; more likely yes!

  5. Wow that just dwarfed my Rezound!

  6. If they can add this with minimal bezel, this could be great for new phones without being much larger than current phones. Hopefully they figure out how to use this and have decent battery life with that many pixels.

    1. Great point. If they could only make phones that look exactly like the one pictured above with no bezel visible (not sure of that’s the glass on the right side or bezel, but it’s minimal and not too noticeable).

    2. I was just thinking about how they advertise gorilla glass. Why don’t they make the whole phone glass since when we drop our phones the metal/plastic gets dented anyways. They could paint the back inside to hide the internal parts, though it might look pretty cool seeing all the parts =)…

  7. Wow! As soon as a phone has one of these screens, it will be mine!!

  8. I will buy this phone if it has unlocked bootloaders and is a quad core beast. Then I can have custom ROMS even tho pure vanilla ICS is the best IMO

  9. It seems nice and all but I’d really like them to work on battery life more at this moment.

  10. 1080p on a phone? Why? Save a bunch of money, use 720p (the difference is probably not noticeable) and don’t force the phone’s GPU to push more pixels than needed. If it gets to the point that phones are big enough to use it, display price is low enough, and GPUs are powerful enough, then lets see.

    1. Oddly controversial comment on phone technology…

      1. Yet he does have a good point. Its even hard for me to agree since I am a hardware whore, but its a very good point.

    2. I want to hate this comment so much since I’m a tech whore, but it makes so much sense. I guess this is what it feels like to be on the religious side of a scientific debate.

    3. Yeah guys. I’m not anti 1080p. I just think what you get (versus what you lose) on a five inch display isn’t worth it at this point. That said, I guess I do come off as anti tech advancement…but I don’t mean to be. :)

      1. Completely agree with your point. 1080p in 5″ is hands down useless.

  11. LG hasn’t prove anything yet. Time will work.

  12. LG introduced the first 3D smartphone, the first phone with 2GB of Ram, and now they’re the first with a 1080p display fit for phones. Everyone sleeps on LG. Let me add that their screens show colors nicely, and I like they’re custom UI.

  13. The question is not if but when yo.

  14. As long as it’s not Pentile it sounds great!

  15. Ok, great. Now can I have full 1080p in a 10″ tablet? I’m still waiting. :^/

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