Clove UK Confirms Samsung Galaxy S3 Delay


Rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S3 delay have been sweeping across the net since last week and now we have another retailer, confirming our worst fears — the GS3 has been delayed… a whole 3 days. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but when a device launch is so close you can almost taste it, any delay could feel like an eternity (especially for those looking to upgrade their older Android devices).

Clove posted the news via their website and while the June 1st launch date is specifically for the white version of the device, the blue version will see an even slightly lengthier delay. Clove is hoping to get the Pebble Blue Galaxy S3 in their hands by June 5th, but that date is still up in the air at this point.

I’m curious to see how this slipped launch date will affect the US release of the device, if at all. We’ll let you know when/if we hear a more official word from Samsung.


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  1. When things like this happen the manufacturer (Samsung) should release a statement of what the problem is and a project time in them fixing it. It sucks for the retailers of these phones to be apologizing when they don’t even have control.

  2. Is it only in UK we can speak of a delay? Will the other western Europe countries (Belgium, Netherlands,..) experience this same delay?

  3. Looks like apple thinks they patented blue and delays, but they really just patented iSheep lol. I cant wait to check out sweet ROMS on this ICS master. I like really big screen sizes, iphones are for sissy girls!

    1. get a life dude

  4. I wouldn’t think the delay should affect the U.S. versions, since the body (and defective back cover) is *supposed* to be redesigned anyway.

    And we’re still waiting on those redesign leaks! :) It’s the main thing I keep looking for in my phandroid rss feed.

  5. I don’t think this is as bad as people think. This is what Samsung are saying:


  6. It’s the same here for Singapore…No Blue, no 32gb for tonight’s launch. Everyone seems to be on the same boat.

  7. i’m waiting for confirmation of the white 16GB version, they said i should get a call later today after they speak to samsung before they can do anything =( i want it now!

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