Sorry, Huawei – The Oppo Finder Is Now The World’s Thinnest Smartphone


It was short lived, but the crown of the world’s thinnest smartphone has just been removed from the Huawei Ascend P1 S. Only beating the P1 S by a mere .03mm, the Chinese manufactured Oppo Finder has successfully gained the title of the world’s thinnest smartphone — something heavy weights like Samsung, HTC or Motorola wont soon be claiming.

The Finder measures in at 6.65mm thick and features a healthy set of hardware specs like a 4.3-inch AMOLED display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8MP shooter with 1.3MP front facing cam, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. To help show of it’s new title, the Oppo Finder goes head-to-head with the iPhone 4 (9.30mm), Samsung Galaxy S2 (8.45mm), and Motorola RAZR (7.10mm) in their new ad spot. You can check it out below.

Don’t expect to see the Oppo Finder hit anywhere outside of China but the phone will be released on June 6th. Wouldn’t be surprised to see another device shave off a mm and take the title by then. Of course, these new sub 7mm devices always beg the question: how thin or too thin?

[SuperTechBlog | Tech2 | MobileDista]

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  1. I would spend lots of money on this phone if it has a unlocked bootloader. apple sucks because they copied off of this phone, what do they want to patent thin phones now? I would put a custom ICS theme on it so it looked like pure vanilla ICS then itd be cool like the amazing G NEX

    1. dude what?

      1. Keep calm and downvote.

  2. battery size?

    1. Here we go…

      1. Here we go with what? It’s a legitimate question…

        1. Here we go, as in, the battery bandwagon is about to start up. I’m not sure if you know, but some people on this website claim they struggle using 3 seperate batteries for their phones in a day and demand the phones to have removable batteries otherwise it will be WW8.

          In other words, people on this site are touchy when it comes to phone batteries. My apologies if it was just a question. I thought you were going to be one of those people that would start bashing the phone just because of a battery.

          1. Well now, you know what happens when you assume things don’t you? ;P

          2. Meh, I had a 99% chance of being right :)

    2. I hope the bootloader is unlocked!

  3. Very nice! Although I am pretty sure battery life will suffer as these guys do not have the R&D power of Samsung. But it does look similar to iphone 4 which looks similar to LG Prada http://i41.tinypic.com/153wqau.png

    1. I was also thinking that it looks remarkably like the iPhone…one more reason it would never sell outside of China, Apple would be suing the pants off of Oppo.

  4. Too thin. I’d much rather my phone be thicker (within reason) and have a bigger battery. RAZR MAXX proved it can be done; it should be done.

  5. My SGS2 is 8.5mm and that feels exceptionally thin without a case, anything under 11mm is fine for me, my Rezound feels a little bulky at 13, but I don’t need a super thin phone, I definately don’t need anything thinner than my SGS2, use the space and put in a bigger battery.

  6. Thinness is not a problem with the Razr, Its durable enough to not be damaged.

  7. So the crown for thinnest phone has been passed down from a crappy oem to another one, nothing to see here gentlemen lol

  8. Apple wouldnt sue if this phone stay in China alone and you sue people who have money..

  9. I can’t stand phones with cameras that stick out the back of the phone. When you set the phone down, it never lays flat.

    1. Annoys me too. Why do it? Of all the things I want my phone to rest on, the camera lens is the last of them.

      I also hate the lumps on the back/bottom of Samsung phones. It means that the phone leans away from you when set down. It’s literally the opposite of what it should do.

  10. And not a single **** was given that day. No really, I don’t think anyone here will care about this phone… 0 chance of American release, and I feel like I’d break it…

  11. Too thin is when the phone will blow away in the wind if set down on a pic-nic table.

  12. I guess they need a thin smartphone in China, all their people are little one, or, at lease most of them.

  13. Why is thin better?

  14. do china phones work in america?
    I really dig this phone :0
    the back is sexy. and i love my oppo dvd player… lol

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