ASUS teases the “next transformations” in three days


ASUS has something sweet cooked up for Computex 2012, it seems, as they’ve released a teaser video stating the “next transformations” will have the world excited on May 31st. This undoubtedly teases a new tablet or tablets in the Transformer line, but we haven’t the slightest clue of what that might be.

The video also quickly mentions ever-changing clouds, but we’re not sure if that has anything to do with cloud services like backups or if it’s just a convenient tagline for marketing. We’re inclined to guess the former with all the actual clouds present in the video, but nothing’s certain. Take a look above and stick with us come May 31st as we cover whatever announcement ASUS may bring (unless it turns out to be something totally unrelated to Android).

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Hmmm… too early for the 700 series… (although one can hope)

  2. Perhaps they’re going to announce a clone of OnLive Desktop (or a deal with OnLive). Or a make-over for the rather lacklustre Asus Webstorage product.

    1. The clouds theme matches their WebStorage theme. They ma be looking to bring WebStorage to another level.

  3. They just released a bunch of TFs which makes me wonder if this isn’t a branching out into a Windows version. :/

    1. No that would confuse the crap out of the consumers. Remember, consumers are idiots. Jugding by the successful ad campaign by Apple.

    2. A Windows 7 tablet doesn’t make much sense and last I heard Windows 8 for tablets wasn’t until late 2012. Possibly more news/variations of the padfone.

      1. You mean windows 8 for ARM tablets.. the rumor for windows 8 release is October, which means they could introduce a Win8 Transformer to be released later this year with the operating system.

        (and I hope they do)

  4. Maybe the new Nexus tablet?

  5. Well, isn’t the Prime Infinity due 10th June…?

  6. if they were able to do a licensing deal with google / google drive for webstorage that may be attractive to savvy users. usually hardware makers dont have the desire or infrastructure to offer long lasting data storage. Nokia comes to mind… they were pushing their “OVI” cloud syncing services for a few years…. then we get an email saying in a few months we are shuttering the services.. please download / backup your data before we turn off the servers.

    i find that the problem i run into trying to live in the cloud, is dropbox, box.net google drive and a few others i tried, all have strengths and weaknesses of data portability (file size limits/speeds on free services are pretty poor)
    so, if asus were to brand with google drive and really integrate the service well.
    that would be a winner.

    its a strong selling point,
    “easily stream your own mp3’s from the cloud. no need in carrying all your megs of music around, sync all your docs and edit and share easily.”

    1. But what could ASUS be offering new here? A constant mirror of your whole device in the cloud? Google wallet certificate, system files, differential backups since the factory default first boot?

      It would take as much data as it might seem. The initial ROM could be planted for everyone from just one (or a few) image. It would be a minimized data, apk-plucking differential “time machine” from then on.

      Actually, the more I imagine it, the more it makes sense . . .

  7. Screw you ASUS.
    Where the hell is my Padfone?

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