[Discussion] How many of you like what you see in Chameleon?


While I must admit that I was first intrigued with Chameleon, the custom launcher that is looking to raise funds on Kickstarter, based on what I read about it, the video demonstration has underwhelmed me. In the crudest of ways to describe it, it looks like it helps you create “themed” home screens, so that each screen is dedicated to a purpose, such as work, or reading, or entertainment. And using indicators such as time or the WiFi network connected to or location, it chooses the default home screen.

The issue I have with it is that I have always sorted my home screens according to purpose, which basically leaves only the variable default home screen as a feature that I don’t have. And it comes at a few costs in ability, too, such as you lose the capability to create folders, there’s no guarantee about support for smaller tablet screens (their own words, though they do mention they have tried to keep the UI dynamic), it looks like the only widgets you can have so far are those that they include, and that developers would need to use HTML5 to build custom widgets for Chameleon if they wished to do so.

Maybe I’m missing something, and I’d really like there to be something that makes me want to support it. But, so far, I just can’t seem to think of a great purpose for this. What about you guys?

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I just pledged 5 bucks, love the aesthetics of this launcher!

  2. It’s certainly something I’ll be checking out. I pledged and will help test.
    Don’t forget the video is a gimped alpha product.

  3. its clearly already finished. if they think what they made is worth 50k then good luck.

  4. I don’t even own an Android tablet yet and I gave 5 not only is that a good price. I love helping out development on android.

    1. What you participated in is not a development on android per se. Such apps should be developed to a production condition and then sold on a free market with appropriate support, where consumer decides whether an app is worth a dime or not. You just sponsored a mediocre developer, who doesn’t want to compete on the market, but rather lure you with screenshots to collect substantial funds up front!

  5. I pledged early on, it brings a cleaner look that is missing from even ics build. one of the toughest things on Android tablets is finding matching widgets. I wish Google would push for a standardized widget size and shape.

  6. I can see a use for this if the tablet is question is hung up on the wall near the bed or the living room couch. This with the rumored Viewsonic 22inch tablet and you got a nice bedside mediacenter and calender. Take a quick look at it during the day then use it right before bedtime and right when you get up to quickly catch up on things before you head to bed or go about your daily business.

  7. Why is this even a kickstarter project? Seems like a gimicky home screen replacement

  8. I’m just not seeing the use of this over regular widgets. I think it looks somewhat out of place in some of the screens.

  9. It’s not really finished. The vid was a mock up, and most of the apps were canned. Didn’t actually open or do anything. (More on that at androidcentral). So there’s still plenty of work to do.

    I’ve spent hours making hubs for my tablet at times to achieve a look similar to this and not have it come out so nice. I pledged $5 happily.

    And even they’ve said this is like a preorder, you pledge $5 you get the app. They’re even going to work it so you get it from the play store and get all future updates. Support android developers and encourage more people to do interesting things with apps!

  10. It needs to go on the lockcreen

  11. $50k to code a program which can be done in almost any home computer, but for some reason, they need $50k to do it….. i hate people like them.

    1. For the same reasons OEM’s and carriers take months or years to create OS builds for their products while developers do the same thing in their spare time in weeks…. I just wish I knew what those reasons were.

    2. 2 devs taking two months off of billing time time to create good software. Sounds about right for $50k.

      1. 50k, 25k each or 12.5k per month. DAMNNN they make that much each month???? what are they? CEO?

        1. Yes. Pretty much Android dev I know who contracts out makes at least that. In the grand scheme $50k isn’t much money. If you want a great community of devs making great apps, they are going to have compensated.

          1. they made that much per month and yet, still asking for more haha

        2. You have to realize they might make onl half that in their day jobs, but then they get benefits, don’t have to pay self employment taxes, etc..

    3. people like who? people who want to make money? Yeah, those people are pooheads!

      it’s the fools that give money for vaporware that you should hate.

  12. Meh. i just dont see the purpose in this. if i wanted widgets taking up 100% of my homescreen, well, i would do that. and, it would look better on stock ics. all this adds it a location/timer based homecreen switcher. which just seems like a gimmick to me.

  13. I have no idea why Kickstarter seems like a good idea to anyone other than the person RECEIVING money. If they need ‘startup’ money, do it like everyone else has done – get investors for the promise of return on your money if the product is successful.

    Kickstarter’s ‘free’ T-Shirts should all read, “My investment helped make a guy a ton of money, and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt”

    1. Don’t like it don’t support it. There’s nothing wrong with kickstarter, just morons like you who don’t understand it.

      1. If I don’t understand what it means to give my money away in exchange for a T-Shirt, then enlighten me. Personally, THIS moron chose to buy a $0.50 stock last week that is now $0.83 (MRNA.PK).

        I don’t need a T-Shirt, I need to support my family. If I want to give to a charity, I will give to an orphanage, cancer research, my church, etc.

        If you want to give away your money go ahead. Not this moron.

  14. Doesn’t work on 7 inch. No support from me.

  15. So in other words they are expanding on the Scene function within Sense that I wanted HTC to expand upon two years ago.


  16. They never once state what they are going to use the money for?! I would never contribute to a Kickstarter project where the investment isn’t justified.

  17. It looks beautiful. But I don’t have a good use for it. I would really like it just as a static page.

  18. I personally think it’s a great idea. I actually have my home screen on my touch pad set kinda like this but no where near as nice. The way I look at it is 5bucks for an app that I would buy anyway and if it’s not just what I wanted well at least I helped someone achieve their gaol and supported part of the great community that is Android!

  19. My only question is why they would need that much money for an app like this… Unless they’re basically hiring someone else to do it.

  20. Yeah it sounded cool on paper but I don’t know anymore. I kinda miss viewsonic’s tnt ui, if it just wasn’t so laggy…

  21. Meh. Gimmick

  22. Looks like another semi interesting android launcher. The difference is this firm has so little passion for the product that they want to do it with zero risk.

  23. I love the style and all, but its basically a bunch of hyped up widgets.

  24. I’m not going to argue the validity of Kickstarter or raising funds but I can see what they’re trying to do here. I’m an Android enthuse and avid user. My opinion is there is something to be desired in terms of fluidity and coherent content delivery. These guys aren’t rolling out a widget, they’re trying to put together a system of content delivery. I’d love to see a differentiator on my Prime besides speed. I think it’s worth supporting but would rather see it as a purchase option rather than a “donate and hopefully it comes to market.”

  25. Looks rubbish – I have no need for it the normal HC/ICS desktop with widget is fine.

  26. Too busy for me.

  27. love it

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