Video walkthrough details Sony Xperia S ICS update


Looks like the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Sony Xperia S is right on track. This little video over here has been doing the rounds on the internet today, and though it’s in a foreign language, we can at least see the visual features of the updated software. Have a look, and as always, post your thoughts in the comments.

[via s-ense.net]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. it looks laggy to me

  2. typical Sony phone, always something wrong, be it lag or outdated software or outdated hardware, just something has to be wrong. Cant believe Sony is allowing Samsung to school them.

  3. where is full screen button on youture video??? Need more eyes to watch the ads on the site or so

  4. Lock screen looks to have some nice features, but other wise it’s nothing special. In fact, it’s laggy.

  5. He should have finished uninstalling Words with Friends…

  6. I found the video as a whole to be laggy so I’m not going to judge the update on this on that front. However I’m liking Sony’s look of UI skin and I like the features I could see, especially the gallery. Nothing wrong with what Sony are doing here and hope they keep up the good work. I doubt this is even the final release of ICS shown here.

  7. i don’t think its the ICS update that’s laggy, just the video recording thats laggy :) hope for an official release soon!

  8. Looks pretty sweet. Just hope they hurry up and release the sony iON and update the ICS. waiting for ever for the iON

  9. Looks very laggy to me

  10. Why does it say Sony Ericsson on the top of their Xperia S?

  11. Change the out of date, out of touch logo and I might consider watching your ad Sony.

  12. they took this video down too.

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