Deutsche Telekom still open to T-Mobile USA mergers


While Deutsche Telekom and AT&T failed to get governments to agree on a merger that would see the latter buying up the former’s T-Mobile USA, they’re not ready to take offers off the table. DT’s René Obermann says they’re not excluding any options for T-Mobile, including merger.

The deal with AT&T didn’t work because they were just too big to begin with, but giving some of these smaller players a chance at the prize should eventually prove to be fruitful. Only time tells if anyone is willing to take a chance on T-Mobile. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I would buy T-Mobile, have your people call my people.

  2. Aaannd…let’s start talking about Google buying tmo.

    1. No idea why my vote up isn’t taking on your comment but I’d vote this one up often if I could.

    2. If that happened, it would probably cause me to jump ship from Verizon BACK to T-Mobile. Or would it be G-Mobile? I wonder if they’d allow iPhones on their network? =)

      1. Haha, G-Mobile. If they didn’t allow iPhones, nothing would change. Which is kinda why I love T-Mobile. They say “fuck the Apple cult!”

        1. Actually, T-Mobile supports the efforts of users using GSM unlocked or AT&T iPhones; I bet T-Mobile would be more than happy to carry iPhones if Apple would make a compatible model.

          1. If they don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to sell it. I believe that’s the big sticking point.

  3. Is DT doing so well in Germany that they want to dump cash flow?

    1. Your real question needs to be:

      -Is DT doing so badly in the US its worth letting them go?

      And your answer would be yes, TMo in the USA is doing quite badly in terms of dollars

      1. They are still posting a profit which is better than Sprint which loses money. All they need is one quarter where they gain post paid subcrobrrs and they’ll be allright

    2. T-Mo isn’t pulling in solid revenue, is losing subscribers by the second, and soon will have outdated infrastructure without the capital to update it.

      DT is just trying to sell T-Mo now before it loses more value.

    3. They want to drop the poorly performing t-mobile and get some cash to invest in DT, that is performing much better.
      It would make sense to me if I was them, their problem is after everyone saw the sprint/nextel merger no cdma provider is going to take them because they are GSM, their only option is a company that isn’t already in the cellular market, Dish or much less likely Google are two ideas.

  4. If google bought it that would b greatest thing ever

  5. As long as this type of talk is on the table it’s not going to attract hardware manufacturers to T-Mobile. Look how the AT&T merger impacted their line of handsets. Manufacturers love T-Mobile because they’re so easy to work with compared to Verizon and the others. Why don’t they give T-Mobile 2 years without any of this talk and see how profitable it is.

    1. I agree, especially after getting that enormous settlement from AT&T. Their advertising is on par, all they need are some more high end phones to round things out.

    2. True, the truth is no matter how executives may try to spin it, T-mobile’s only reasonable merger partner, from a technology standpoint, was AT&T, Didn’t anyone see the clusterf*ck Sprint went through buying Nextel, in the cell phone world, the companies basic technology just has to match, because it’s not like you can just switch easily, Sprint is still trying to get users off iden how many years later? A smaller partner definitely can’t do it, and I’m pretty damn sure Sprint has learned it’s lesson and is only interested in M&A with other cdma providers.

      T-mobile your best bet is to go it on your own, this 1900 3G rollout is brilliant, you’ll get iPhone users without the iphone subsidy costs. Work on your phone lineup, LTE and adding coverage, now that your supporting 1900, get some phones that support 850/1700/1900/2100 and see if you can’t work out 3G roaming agreements with AT&T, if it’s possible.

  6. I wish that T-Mobile USA employees could buy it from DT. The problem with any merger is that T-Mobile does somethings so much better than a lot of other carriers and you know that typically the buyer slaughters the original company they buy and consumes their network and customers. Dish network or Google are T-Mobiles best option for buyers. They wouldn’t slaughter what it is today.

  7. If they wouldn’t force me to sign a 2 year contract to do the value plan contract where I buy my own phone I’d jump on it but IMO the whole point of the 2 year contract is to subsidize a phone. If I’m bringing my own phone then I shouldn’t have to sign a contract

    1. First, I agree that it would be great if the Value plans didn’t come with a contract. However, the Value plans are still a great deal at about $20 less per month compared to similar plans with subsidized phones included. Over the two year period, the Value plan saves you $480 which is more than the typical savings they offer as a phone “rebate” for subsidized plans. Not to mention the terrible ethics of forcing you to upgrade your phone every two years even though you might be perfectly fine with yours. Not upgrading the phone on a subsidized plan is $20 out the window every month – upgrading a perfectly fine phone is consumer waste…

  8. I wish would by it and turn it into virgin mobile.. get all the pre pay people off the sprint network..

  9. Hey Amazon, how does owning your own network fit into your strategy? Kindle Fire Phone with built-in suite of Amazon apps and locked to the Amazon App Store? You know you have the money to buy T-Mobile – you just have to make sure that you act before Google does…

  10. After Verizon’s massive LTE flop and their awful showing with the Gnex I would definitely jump ship with Google bought Tmo. Not so much if Dish bought them though. My feeling is Dish will be very tentative with acquisitions after their massive failure in acquiring Blockbuster. Google is the best and most possible scenario.

  11. I think Sprint should purchase it but rebrand it in new name, merger they lte together but oh keep there cdma and gsm divided

  12. Google buying T-Mobile would be great. They could package 3 months worth of the $30 Unlimited Plan(Data+Text and 100 minutes talk) free with each Nexus phone that is release this November.

  13. T-Mobile will start to bring tons of new customers once they support that 1900 radio band. Not only the I-Phone will be able to use it but many great phones that were never able to use T-Mobile will jump ship. They should have done this a long time ago. Best move they could have done. I know 5 people that will jump to T-Mobile right away in the Boston area.

  14. It will be nice if google buy t-mobile and then just call it google voice….

  15. If G-Mobile became a reality start investing in Tmobile it would cause an earthquake in the market. Moto-G-Mobile.

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