ASUS Transformer Pad 300TL hits the FCC


One ASUS Transformer Pad 300TL has hit the FCC. The device is likely identical to the WiFi-enabled Pad 300 that has already found its way in the file cabinets of the regulatory body, but this one comes equipped with radios compatible with AT&T LTE radios. It’s nice to get confirmation of its arrival because that means we won’t have to wait long for one of the first LTE-equipped ASUS phones in America. For now, it’s still out of reach for us common folks so continue to dream on it another day. [FCC, Thanks, Steven!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Hmmm this will create a dilemma…. To settle on the TF300TL for the LTE connectivity or get the TF700T as planned with no mobile data?

    Then again I am still contemplating saying screw the wait and picking up the TF201! Choices choices!

    1. I just grabbed the tf300 last week and ended up returning it a week later and getting the Prime. The tf300 was great but the display was defective and the plastic construction, which doesn’t usually bother me, felt really cheap. The prime has been working great for me and I haven’t had any wifi issues. My aunt on the other hand, she just picked hers up and she’s been having issues.

      I am sitting in a room with lead lined walls and the router is about 45 feet away and it works but she was just over her daughters house and the router was in the basement below and her prime couldn’t connect. Could have been user error but who knows. Your mileage may vary.

      1. I don’t find it feeling cheap, but in fact better than the plastic build of the GNex which is alright in my books. Luckily my screen is alright other than 6 stuck pixels which bizarrely are only stuck on the Asus loading screen…was going to try to return it based on those but given that I’ve not seen any on any background inside the OS or app I’m not too fussed.

        1. I think I just had a dud, to be honest. I figured I’d give the Prime a shot and return it if I was disappointed with the wifi. The wifi isn’t as good as the tf300 but it is good enough for me so far.

          Sent from my Galaxy S II

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