Report: Google/ASUS Nexus tablet to hit shelves in July


The somewhat reliable Digitimes has a new report out providing potential new info on the Google/ASUS collaboration that could result in the world’s first Nexus-branded tablet. The digital rag has been keeping a bead on the manufacturing industry centered in Asia and claims that the new tablet will begin shipping in June with an initial order of 600,000 units to go on sale in July. The timing is certainly right, as an announcement would line up perfectly with June’s Google I/O developer conference.

The rumored Google tablet has generated a lot of conflicting reports, but it is believed at least one version of the device will feature NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 platform. A desired retail price of $199 may have driven the two companies towards a dual-core CPU instead, but news that NVIDIA has developed a system architecture designed to provide Tegra 3 power at low cost could further confirm initial reports.

We’ve heard that Google may want to brand the tablet under the media store it has direct access too, much like Amazon’s Kindle Fire. I’ll throw this out there (and know it’s based on nothing but my own imagination), but it wouldn’t surprise me if the tablet launched as the Nexus Play to tie it closer to the rebranded Google Play Store.

[via Digitimes]

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  1. Well, I think this would be a good replacement for my lte Xoom!

  2. If I didn’t just update my LTE Xoom to ICS then I would hop on this quick. Might get it for the wife though!

  3. Low cost and low powered parts that barely run ICS are not the way to go. Save that for Kindle. Make top of the line tablets.

    1. My Optimus One barely runs ICS. A Snapdragon S4 on the other hand…

    2. Dual doesnt mean bad. Hell, in most use the S4 outclasses the T3 because most apps cant even utilize the multiple cores. nVidia has let me down once before.

    3. Barely run? Hardly.

    4. my galaxy nexus runs ICS in circles. no problem for a modern dual-core arm processor

  4. will be purchasing!

  5. I’d sell my kidney for this xD

    1. Ebay’s out of the question

      i can’t believe they actually have a legal policy on this subject.

    2. Come on, don’t embarrass us and put Android user a bad
      reputation. Only iSheeps would do such
      idiotic thing. Android users have brain.

      1. Hahahaha. Can’t you tell I was joking? O.o

  6. Who cares about tegra? I remember when they first talked about it, it was almost like it was something of Xbox like graphics quality. Anyways I wonder what TI has up there sleeves ….

  7. This might be my first tablet purchase!

  8. Nexus Play is bad good name. Remember BlackBerry playbook.

  9. This needs to stop being a rumor! Android tablets have been a dud all 2012, I’ve been wanting to buy one for ages but nothing has come out!

    1. Have you looked at the ASUS line? Both the girlfriend and I love our transformers. The big key point is the dock but its still plenty capable without it for a great price. ICS runs on my OG transformer perfectly.

  10. Can’t wait to hear something official. This tablet is the only reason I haven’t bought the Galaxy Tab 2.

  11. I’m still happy with my LTE Xoom, though my wife has been itching for a tablet. I told her about this one and now she keeps asking me if it is out yet.

  12. I’m just wishin’, hopin’ and prayin’ that it will make phone calls.

    1. Skype is your friend.

  13. Maybe the wait it over. I’ll wait for the reviews!

  14. Good job! I can’t wait to have one! This is the reason why I haven’t bought a tablet yet.

    1. Same here. If it is 10″, I will get 2, if it is only 7″, I will start off just 1, then get the Samsung Tab 2 10″

  15. I’m sooo glad that I stopped waiting for the Nexus tablet and got a
    Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 instead. For only $250 it’s got everything I want
    feature wise. (

    I’m still worried that in their rush to lower the price of this tablet
    they will have to cut useful features. As it is the Asus tablet we were
    originally supposed to get in April wasn’t going to have a Front Facing
    Camera (IMO a FFC is essential in a tablet) and if that was too
    expensive for Google what else are they going to cut?

    1. I have a Kindle Fire but I’m thinking of reselling it once Google’s tab is released because it is really only great for Amazon Prime content and not much else. I thought about getting the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 but I wish it had at least Tegra 2. I love the Tegra games, so as soon as I heard Google’s tab might have Tegra 3 in it, I almost jumped out of my seat.

  16. Not sure what JB will offer. But if Google wants to succeed in the tablet market then simply having a cheap Nexus tablet won’t be enough. Google needs to skin (yes I said SKIN) the hell out it and make it a simple to use Google experience device not a giant Android phone. Amazon’s success with the Fire was not just a cheap price point. It was also the simplified Amazon experience skin that was layered over Android. A vanilla Android Nexus tablet is great for technical minded people like us who read Phandroid and other tech blogs. But not for mom, pop, and grandma. If this is turns out be just a cheap Google branded vanilla Android experience tablet then it’s gonna flop like all the other Android tablets thus far. Mark my words. I’ll eat crow and my hat if I’m wrong.

    1. sk any KF owner why they bought it, and not one will say it was the Amazon skinning, that’s absolutely ridiculous.

  17. Nexus Play is a horrible name. I sincerely hope your guess is wrong there.

    1. It’s a pretty smart name in my opinion. It ties the fact that their is an official place to access media content from. That is something that Google desperately needs to step it’s game up in. It’s no longer about just selling the device.

  18. If this turns out to be some low speced, no FFC with limited storage POS, I’ll be so pissed. Google needs to find a way to produce a tablet with great specs including ample internal storage and very high resolution screen and good cameras and still sell at great price.

  19. I hope they don’t put some of last year technology in this tablet…can’t wait to see

  20. 5 days with my TF300 and I’m happy with it. Can’t see this making me regret not waiting as if it is Asus then it probably won’t be any better at that price but it’s about time there was a nexus tablet.

  21. Nexus Play? Kinda lyk it, kinda don’t. I wouldn’t mind rockin that. LoL!!

  22. I think they should wait for Jelly Bean and do it right:

    4.0″ phone
    4.8-5.0″ tablet-phone
    10″ tablet.

    All top notch build quality, specs, battery life, and update support for ALL US carriers. (Sound familiar, oh yea, Apple does it to huge success).

    1. Apple waited for Jelly Bean, has a tablet/phone, and is on ALL US carriers?

  23. I wish Asus would make the next Nexus phone.

  24. I wish Google would go the other way, for it’s own image, and only produce the most bleeding edge tablets at a premium. The goal would not be to jump in the tablet market and compete with their allies (WTF?), but for marketing purposes, associate their name with high quality only. The plan would be to sell a limited supply (ie 50 to 100 thousand units) at $1500. This would therefore not be for Joe Six Pack, but for the hardcore techie with a disposable income who likes having bragging rights. Focus would be on battery life, graphics power, camera OPTICS and larger sensors (ie. 1/1.7″), up to 128 gb SD card, able to play bluray disc from external bluray drive (or bluray ISO from wired network, SD card or USB harddrive) and stream to TV via wireless HDMI dongle.
    I know this wouldn’t do anything for a lot of readers here, but what does another cheap Android tablet do for the Android community? Google should be the Bang and Olufsen of tablets, not the Coby.

  25. Seems no one is going around asking these companies that are planning on putting out cheap tablets what size they are planning out putting out.

  26. I might buy this tablet when it arrives. Google may sell the Nexus Tablet on the Google Play Store.

  27. The Apple ipad seems to be a ” OVERPRICED TOY “

  28. Sounds nice, but if they are wise, they will start to really push
    Superambiphobic screens. That is, screens that are both Superhydrophobic
    (water repellant, hence, smudge resistant) AND Superoleophobic (oil
    repellant, hence, fingerprint resistant).

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