HTC One X (AT&T) update file leaks, should bring mostly minor bug fixes


A new update file has leaked for the HTC One X on AT&T, but it doesn’t look to bring about any major changes. The update to build 1.85.502.3 hasn’t been made official just yet, and as such doesn’t have a changelog to provide details of what to expect, but it is looking like little more than a selection of minor bug fixes. There is no timetable on when the software patch will be rolling out officially, but if you want to check it out a bit early follow the source link below for the download and installation instructions.

[via BriefMobile]

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  1. I wish they would fix the tinny video sound, for me thats what lets the phone down, compared to sony, motorola & samsung.

    1. I noticed that too. I play youtube music videos in the car and they are significantly quieter. And then I get a text/phone call and it nearly blows out my eardrums.

  2. I just got this phone yesterday and its affected by the wifi bug. Is there an easy solution to it?

    1. The bug where you automatically join any network?

  3. Hopefully it fixes the huge amount of data this device has been eating. Its a data hog

    1. I have the SAME issue. I had it eat through 2 gigs of data in five days.

      1. I knew I wasn’t crazy. I used a gig in like 2 days. Check ur usage area. Does something called Android OS use a lot of data?

    2. That is an LTE thing. I noticed it on my new iPad (yes I own an iPad). Even if I did the same stuff as my old iPad, I used significantly more data.

      1. I own an LTE Lumia that I was using before the One X and it did not eat through data like this. And I streamed a lot more music through it with my Zune Pass than I do with the HTC.

        1. Hmm. I wonder what it is then that makes some LTE devices use considerably more data then.

          1. I wish I knew. I seriously went through 2 gigs in 5 days. I have a 5gig LTE plan but I nearly maxed it out before the next billing cycle.

          2. I still have unlimited, but even with this month being a light usage month, I’m still going to end up near the 3GB throttle mark. I can’t imagine a heavy data month.

      2. I think you are right. I have an iPad 2 wifi model and I was tethering with my one X and I used about 600mbs watching a 20min YouTube bid on my iPad. I’m thinking about rooting my One X now… Should be a way to turn off LTE

        1. With with my new LTE iPad I used 2.2 GB of data streaming 2 hours of the NCAA tournament. LTE just opens up the flood gates.

          I don’t think the AT&T One X has an LTE toggle yet, but people over at XDA are working on it. You can flash the Asia rom and it has the toggle, but I’ve heard mixed things about that ROM.

          My problem is in San Diego, if I want any consistent data speed I need to use LTE. HSPA is a joke.

  4. this does break the current root method.

  5. I wish they would change Multi-tasking. The way they do it completely defeats the purpose.

  6. My money says “minor bug fixes” means something on the order of patching root exploits, haha.

  7. Am I the only one who seems to notice that HTC smartphone always, always have some sort of “minor bug”? Really historically speaking the only problem Samsung smartphone have had was GPS, which hasn’t repeated.

    1. Only if you practice revisionist history. Every phone out there gets a famous set of bugs at launch, visit people in any of the forums to see it.

      All of the makers need to up the quality game. Samsung, HTC, Moto – all of them, to be honest.

    2. Just because other manufacturers aren’t quick to patch launch bugs doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  8. The word “launch” & “bug” shouldn’t even be in the same sentance!!! Do these manufacters even ?TEST? their smartphones !BEFORE! reaching the consumer market???

  9. why cant i get this update??

  10. This just officially pulled down to my AT&T One X today. Same version. WiFi is sooooooo much better. 65MB download, FYI.

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