Samsung shows off Galaxy Note 10.1 redesign with quad-core processor and S Pen integration


Rumors of a hardware upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 have been confirmed. The tablet, which debuted as the followup to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and original Galaxy Note, will launch with a quad-core CPU. The Note 10.1 was originally shown off at Mobile World Congress in February, where it featured a dual-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz. The upgraded processor spec isn’t the only difference being shown at a recent Samsung event, however.

Samsung has also squeezed in a slot for the tablet’s accompanying S Pen stylus, as we can see pictured above. Considering its Galaxy Note roots, the S Pen was always part of the picture, but Samsung perplexingly neglected to include a built-in compartment for storage of the writing implement initially. The pen itself has gotten a bit thinner. No word on pricing and availability. Initial plans were put on hold in order to revamp specs a bit, so Samsung should be announcing more details on when we can get our hands on the bigger Note sometime soon.

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  1. NICE

  2. I hope all the changes don’t make this device priced out of reach. I have been waiting for this since I really want that s-pen for note taking for business.

  3. Hope they’ve made the screen a bit better.

  4. You probably should read your own website to reduce the possibility of duplicate articles on the same day.

  5. If this has a 1080P screen this will probably be the tablet that finally has everything I want. If not I guess I’ll just keep waiting and maybe the mythical galaxy tab 11.6 will become a reality.

  6. You guys seriously need to read your own freaking articles before you post “new” ones. I literally read this exact article last night before I went to bed. Its getting old, I expect to see new stories daily, not the same things all the time. Not like this is the first/only time its happened either…

    Quit pointing the double post finger at us, yinz are way worse about it.

  7. Needs a much higher resolution screen

  8. I was hoping for a better screen than the iPad 3. Fail

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