Samsung releases Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich source code


Samsung has added the sourced code for the Galaxy Note’s Android 4.0 build to their open source database, giving devs and software modders a clean jumping off point from which to work when building custom ROMs. The source is associated with the international version of the Galaxy Note with model number GT-N7000 as opposed to North American model GT-i717 and provides interested developers with the device’s Linux kernel among other software elements. Not much for the average user to get worked up over, but if you are at all into flashing new software builds onto your device you will most certainly reap the rewards.

[via XDA | Thanks, Android Indian]

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  1. Correction, AT&T Note is SGH-I717.

  2. It’s nice to see the ICS source released, it’s only a matter of time before the devs at XDA are able to fix the eMMC brick issue.

  3. Sweet. Could this mean we’ll finally get S-Memo AND Cyanogenmod 9?

    1. CM9 = Open Source
      S-memo and all other TouchWiz crap = Closed Source
      Its not going to happen so move on already.
      Solution = Run a TW based ROM.

      1. Actually Touchwiz has recently been ported to other ROMs along with all of the apps aside from S-Memo. As I understand it, we just need the digitiser drivers now. This could be a big help!

        It’s certainly going to improve the quality of ICS ROMs regardless. I see there are already a whole bunch of issues (like the speaker phone) that have been fixed today on xda :D

  4. I wonder if this would make S-memo portable to the Galaxy Nexus in some form. Being able to natively annotate maps & pictures would be amazing.

    1. Of course one can already do so by taking a screenshot & using a photo editing app, but an integrated solution would be so much better!

  5. Does anyone know when the offical update of ICS will release for galaxy note i717

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