Samsung Galaxy S3 already available in Dubai


Folks living in the emirate of Dubai will be happy to know that they are among the first lucky souls to get a chance to own the Samsung Galaxy S3. The device have been spotted around retail stores starting today, with one user having the money on hand to take one home.

That user tipped images of it and its packaging to The Verge. Meanwhile, one redditor also posted a photo of a sign advertising the phone as being up for sale. It was originally believed that the UK would be the very first market to see the Samsung Galaxy S3, but that clearly isn’t the case.
If you have a friend around those parts see what you can do about an import. [via The Verge, Reddit, thanks Joel!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. i think this phone gonna be great!

  2. Not fair! Dubai gets everything! We in Australia don’t even get an announcement (yet) :(
    *throws tantrum like a boss*

    1. It is being launched in Australia on 31 May… google it to confirm.

      1. It could just be an announcement.
        But yeah hopefully the phone launches the same day!

  3. wtf, i was just there last week with some fam.

  4. Dubai pays the premium price happily

    1. Not really a premium price, the phone will sell off contract for around $700 in most asian countries. You must have carrier subsidies in your country if you consider $666 premium

      1. the unlocked S3 price is AED 2,624 (USD 710), and for sure this price will decrease in next few weeks….

  5. I’ll be there in two days…too bad I don’t need a phone. Who wants one?!

  6. what a beautiful phone, except the back side lol. good thing i never lay it facing down.

  7. Those bastards get everything they want

    1. /agree….lol

    2. Yes, but they have to live in a desert hellhole.

  8. Guess I know where I’m stopping by after work tomorrow !

  9. Dubui is full of lots of super wealthy people with a little bit of muscle to push around. Good for them. I know Im envious


    I’m getting mine on the morning of 30th May :(

  11. stock finished in 1 day in many stores and e-stores :(

  12. samsung galaxy s3 already in kuwait too
    same as dubai

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