HTC smartphones clearing US customs hurdle quicker than expected


HTC has released a statement saying “some” of their smartphones held up at US customs have “passed the review” and are already in the hands of their telecom partners. Devices known to be waiting at customs due to concerns of patent infringement include the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE, but the company did not specify which devices were allowed to pass. It was initially believed that a review would take up to three weeks, putting any approved handsets ahead of schedule. Reports over the weekend said the ban on importation had spread to even more devices.

HTC says it is “closely working with the US customs to speed up the review” and “is confident the problem will be resolved soon.” The customs snafu has already caused the EVO 4G LTE to miss its expected launch date and has delayed backorders of the One X. With HTC hoping to recoup from another down quarter, delays like this are the last thing the Taiwan-based smartphone maker needs.

[via Taipei Times | Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  1. Stop playing with my emotions, phandroid…

  2. I really hate apple right now, as I am typing this on a mac.

  3. Seriously, [moderated] Apple.

  4. HURRY UP!!!

  5. It’s too bad this won’t mean the HTC One S will come to Verizon. The damn Inc4G is covered in plastic, has no f/2.0 camera or AMOLED, and is 50% thicker.

    If Apple can release one awesome device for all carriers why the hell can’t anyone else.

    1. because its not up to HTC which phones will be on each carrier, its the carriers decision.

      1. Well I also blame manufacturers for not making a compelling device to sell and support universally across all carriers.

        1. Yes, because jumping through 4 hoops is so much easier than one.

        2. You can’t blame a manufacturer for not being “the best” and having the highest following of a single handset. That isn’t exactly an easy science…

          1. holy crap does Disqus suck. I posted this once and nothing happened so i clicked reply a couple more times.

          2. you will learn one day, that in the end… all that matters is money. Apple sells millions of iphones in a matter of days. That’s why no carrier changes it. When HTC sells a couple hundred thousand in a few days, it doesn’t have any bargaining power. When HTC sells 10 million One X’s in a week then they can start pulling demands.

            Marketing to consumers and marketing to companies are two entirely different things. Sprint doesnt give a rip about 2.0 aperture or sense. They care about things that sell. If the product sells a ton they wont touch it. When products arent selling, then they can add tweaks they think will make it better.

            Its always all about the money.

          3. Wow, you’re kidding right? Apple has the same devices on ALL carriers because they reinvented the cellphone, while providing a premium designer looking device that is well marketed.

            HTC One S is easily the only Android phone that competes in build quality. Ceramic aluminum, f/2.0 lense with red accents, gorilla glass, AMOLED, while being thin and light.

            It’s ruined by poor/no marketing by HTC, and horrible Sense which loses the gorgeous, vivid, holo ICS.theme. It’s on the manufacturer and Google for not showing what Android can do.

          4. Sorry… the bloody Disquis locked on me.

          5. I agree that form should follow function, but yea, I think it’s pretty easy to say the iPhone 4 design is the best cellphone on the market, certainly it could be more durable. It just looks designer and expensive compared to cheap looking plastic Android phones. The first Android phone I’ve seen to compare is the One S.

          6. Meh, It looks square and blocky. I prefer the 3G, if you want to look at Apples. The 4 is underwhelming. The Nexus S looks better, the Epic Touch & GSIIs look better and aren’t shatterfests when you drop them, the Lumia 900 looks a TON better… And the One X simply blows the Apple out of the water. I’m certainly not the only person who thinks this either. Some absolute design snobs like Myriam Joire have stated the same.

            That being said, the inside of the screen is what matters, and frankly, Apple comes off as a child’s toy there. It’s simply a barbarous little OS that was cutting edge…. in 2007. Today? I’ll take Eclair over iOS 5.

            (Edit: Had my Nokias mixed up)

          7. Sorry… the bloody Disquis locked on me. Multiple posts…

          8. I’m going to punish myself by using my Gentouch 78 for an hour tonight for this…

          9. I’m a baaaaad poster.

          10. Two easily shattered glass panels = build quality to you? Wow… I’d hate to see your idea of a nice car, house, or woman.

  6. Yeah.. I agree apple is really looking like shit on this one..
    They should focus on innovation, not COCK BLOCKING.

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